The importance of ADA signs, and why every workplace should have them

adaNo matter what kind of business you have, it’s not a good thing to make your store, office or shop a place where people feel unwelcome or unsafe. ADA and safety signs not only make your space accessible but also safe for everyone. Apart from being a legal requirement for every business, these signs are very important to your visitors. Your ADA signs will ensure that people can find their way around your facility.

For these signs to be accessible, you should use high contrast colors to ensure that even those who have visual problems can still read them. These will also make them visible in low light situations. As a matter of fact, some signs even include braille lettering to ensure that those who have visual impairment can find their way around the building. For more information visit

Examples of life safety ADA signs:

  • In Case of Fire Use Stairs sign
  • Fire and Emergency Exit Plans
  • Stairwell Identification Sign
  • Roof Access Sign
  • Automatic Fire Door Sign
  • Door to Remain Unlocked Sign
  • Fire Equipment Identification Signs

Some Guidelines To Follow

Ensuring that your customers are safe is just as important as assisting them to find their way through the staircases, corridors, and stairwell. To achieve this, you need to know where to put the signs. For instance, if you have a single door, make sure you mount ADA compliant signage on the side of the latch. Also, avoid putting your sign more than 80-inches high. Do not forget about following the letter guidelines.

Importance of ADA Signs

They Provide Accessibility

Since ADA signs direct people to access services, entrances, and restrooms, they can easily make your building accessible. They are also highly visible and will ensure that everyone gets into and out of the building without any hassle. Also, they provide important information to those who are already inside such as where they can find the elevators, bathrooms among other places.

The Law Requires You To Have Them

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why you should invest in ADA signs. The law requires you to have them and display them in prominent areas in your business. There are also certain rules concerning the colors used, the heights of your ADA signs, the readability, and the lettering. In short, they must meet some basic standards.

They Ensure That People Are Safe

Although you want your business to be compliant and accessible, your first priority is to ensure that everyone in your building is safe. ADA and safety signs will ensure that your employees are safe as they go about their activities. They can show people where dangerous rooms are so that they become more careful. In some businesses, these signs can inform employees and visitors that certain equipment or clothing such as safety belts should be worn while in a particular area.

In a nutshell, ADA and safety signs are very important in ensuring that your business is not only safe but accessible as well. Apart from this, they are also protected from any possible blame in case of an emergency. Also, they make sure that you comply with the regulations and the laws that govern signage.

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