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Senate committee defeats two pro-choice bills

The Senate Committee on Education and Health rejected two pro-choice bills, SB 1424 and S.B. 1549, on party-line votes on Thursday.

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Bills blocking TRAP abortion restrictions killed in Senate committee

The Senate Education and Health Committee killed proposals to strip the Virginia Code of its unconstitutional TRAP provisions.

virginia general assembly

House passes odd bill changing process for U.S. Senate vacancies

The House of Delegates has passed a bill that would allow future governors to leave a vacated U.S. Senate seat unfilled practically indefinitely.

ralph northam

Northam to Congress: ‘Legislators should not tell women what they can do with their bodies’

Yesterday, President Trump made it clear attacking women’s healthcare will be a hallmark of his administration.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam gets endorsements from Alexandria Democrats

Leaders from Alexandria endorsed the Ralph Northam campaign for governor Tuesday.

virginia general assembly

House subcommittee kills bills to raise minimum wage

The GOP-majority Commerce and Labor Subcommittee #2 today killed three bills that would have raised the minimum wage in Virginia.

senate democrats

Lethal weapons? Senate Democrats decry switchblade bill

This afternoon, the Virginia Senate passed a bill, SB 865, to carve out an exception to allow minors to be provided with dangerous weapons.

senate democrats

Bill to change larceny threshold reports unanimously

A Senate committee passed a bill to raise the grand larceny threshold from $200 to $500.


LGBT equality bills pass Senate committee

A Senate committee passed bills banning housing and public job discrimination against LGBTs.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam on Trump executive order reinstating global gag rule

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam comments on the new executive order reinstating the global gag rule.

Creigh Deeds: Virginia General Assembly report

While the peaceful transition of power occurs amid celebration and protest in Washington, the work goes on here in Richmond.

virginia general assembly

Senate committee votes to continue TRAP laws

A Senate committee killed a bill to strip provisions pertaining to specifications for facilities that provide women’s health services.


Initiative to get ex-offenders back to work soars through the Senate

A bill that adds travel to and from a job interview to the list of purposes for a restricted driver’s license soared through the Senate.


Right-to-Work and the Apartheid state

There are plenty of reasons why people who believe in human freedom and free markets should oppose so-called “right-to-work” laws.

tom perriello

Tom Perriello continues Listening Tour in Roanoke, Martinsville

Tom Perriello will continue his listening tour on Wednesday and Thursday in Roanoke and Martinsville.

ralph northam

Northam raises more than $1.64 million in second half of 2016

The Northam for Governor campaign announced today that it has raised more than $1.64 million in its final financial report for 2016.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam statement on GOP votes killing voter-access bills

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam released a statement in response to a House subcommittee’s defeat of 11 bills aimed at expanding voter access.

tom perriello

Tom Perriello on Affordable Care Act: Where does Ed Gillespie stand?

Tom Perriello, famously, voted for the Affordable Care Act in his one term as Fifth District Congressman.

virginia general assembly

Senate committee blocks minimum wage increase

A Senate committee failed to pass two measures that would have seen an increase in Virginia’s minimum wage.

ralph northam

Ralph Northam calls on GOP to protect healthcare for millions

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam joined Senator Tim Kaine and others yesterday for a rally with Virginians to save healthcare.

virginia general assembly

Senate committee kills bill that would help ex-drug offenders get back to work

A Senate Committee failed to report a bill that would have expanded eligibility requirements for recipients of benefits for those convicted of drug-related felonies.


Combating hate: A Radical Leftist guide to gun control

Gun control is a big issue to many leftists. The Democratic Party has campaigned for years on a platform of gun control.

bill howell

Speaker Howell announces new transparency resources

Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell announced today that a video archive of House floor sessions is now available for the 2017 Session.

Northam announces program expanding access to reproductive healthcare

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam announced federal funding for a program to offer access to a full range of reproductive healthcare services.

ralph northam

Northam announces legislation on student debt, financial aid, workforce readiness

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam announced a series of legislative proposals on higher education accountability, affordability and accessibility.

tom perriello

Top Democrats bungle response to Tom Perriello

Virginia Democrats, in responding to the news that Tom Perriello is going to run for governor, are showing themselves to be tone-deaf.

tom perriello

Tom Perriello enters Democratic Party gubernatorial race

Former Fifth District congressman Tom Perriello announced Thursday that he will run for the Democratic Party nomination for governor in 2017.


Senate Democrats demand full disclosure from Trump nominees

Democratic Ranking Members of 16 Senate Committees issued the following joint statement of principles for vetting the President-elect’s nominees.

chris graham viewpoints

Street Knowledge with Chris Graham: How much do you tip? And … who?

How much do you tip? And who do you tip? Chris Graham and Crystal Graham explore the tipping point on today’s Street Knowledge.

chris graham podcast

Podcast: Tips for surviving Thanksgiving politics

AFP editor Chris Graham shares whatever wisdom he has in helping us all survive the inevitable uncomfortable politics discussions over the Thanksgiving table.

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Podcast: The Chris Graham Show talks 2016 elections

AFP editor Chris Graham talks 2016 elections on today’s episode of The Chris Graham Show.


Patrice McDermott: We need more sunlight

Less than one-third of Americans view elected officials as “honest,” and a lack of transparency lies at the core of this distrust.

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UVA survey reveals deep public disgust over political culture

A new UVA survey reveals Americans’ deep dissatisfaction with the country’s political culture, personified by the leading candidates for president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

mark warner

Sen. Warner statement on passage of interim proposal to fund government

U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) issued this statement following today’s 72-26 Senate vote on an interim spending proposal.

mark warner

Warner, Paul applaud House action on cost-cutters legislation

U.S. Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Rand Paul (R-KY) applauded the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

andy schmookler

I wish ‘We’re the greatest!’ weren’t such good politics

Let me first try to make sure I’m not misunderstood. I am not saying that I wish the Democrats had done anything different at the convention.


The double-edged sword of political representation

On June 28th 2016 history was made when not only one but two openly transgender candidates won their respective congressional primaries.

tom garrett

Tom Garrett comments on Dallas shootings

Fifth District Republican congressional nominee Tom Garrett issued the following statement on the shootings of five Dallas police officers Thursday.

Brexit: Which kind of dependence now?

Is Brexit a move toward British independence? Some Leave and Remain partisans may believe so, differing only over whether that’s good or bad.


American Farm Bureau supports national GMO pre-emption bill

The American Farm Bureau Federation is supporting a Senate bill that establishes federal pre-emption of state laws that mandate labeling foods with genetically modified ingredients.

hillary clinton

Hillary for Virginia to organize, register voters during weekend of action

Grassroots organizers and activists with Hillary for Virginia will register voters and sign up campaign volunteers this weekend.

andy schmookler

Did the spirit of Donald Trump help assassinate Jo Cox?

Who is responsible for the shooting of the British member of Parliament, Jo Cox, last week?

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: Taking decisive action to protect, defend our homeland

In the early morning hours on Sunday, June 12th, we were struck with the worst domestic terrorist attack since September 11, 2001.

mark warner

Senate passes Justice for All Reauthorization Act of 2016

The Senate unanimously passed the Justice for All Reauthorization Act of 2016, bipartisan legislation co-sponsored by Sen. Mark R. Warner.

andy schmookler

Andy Schmookler: Trump and American foreign policy

Hillary Clinton’s critique focuses on “temperament.” This piece focuses on the combination of Donald Trump’s ignorance and boldness.