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Which professional sports team had the most championships in 2020?

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The North American sports industry, as of 2018, was valued at over $70 billion, with projections expecting a rise to over $80 billion by 2023. The global sports market was valued at over $400 billion in 2018, with expectations of a rise to over $600 billion by 2022. Over time, these once recreational games have evolved into big business, driven by the fans who support and adore the teams. For the owners of these franchises, the best way to keep those fans content is by winning championships.

What is the most dominant sports franchise?

Playing sports professionally requires extensive dedication to the craft. Many people begin training at a young age by joining leagues, participating in tournaments, or even hiring professional coaches. Despite this commitment, competition is fierce, and only the absolute best get to play full-time. To stand out among such an esteemed company requires an elevated level of practice and commitment for the athletes.

For entire teams to stand out, coordination between the athletes, management, and the coaching staff is an essential step in winning championships. Although it can be a complex undertaking, some teams accomplish this more consistently than others, with the win/loss records to prove it.

2020 winners

For many Americans, 2020 was the clear winner of the “Worst Year Ever” contest. Many still went on to achieve greatness, despite all of the hardships we faced. The teams that won championships in 2020 were:

  • Kansas City Chiefs, NFL
  • The Los Angeles Lakers, NBA
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB
  • Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL
  • Columbus Crew, MLS
  • Seattle Storm, WNBA
  • Houston Dash, NWSL

The city of Los Angeles had a lot to celebrate in 2020, bringing home the gold in both basketball and baseball. L.A. is home to many championship teams, with two of them holding the distinction of most decorated in their league.

All-time winners

With their 2020 win, the L.A. Lakers achieved their 17th Finals victory, putting them at the top of the list for most championships in the NBA. However, they share this achievement with the Boston Celtics, who also boast 17 wins. The Los Angeles Galaxy, the city’s Major League Soccer team, also holds the most championships in their sport with five MLS Cups.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the most Super Bowls as of 2020. Just two months into the New Year, though, the New England Patriots were able to tie for first place with their sixth Super Bowl victory. The three teams who share the WNBA record of four championships are the Houston Comets, the Minnesota Lynx, and the Seattle Storm. The National Women’s Soccer League record of two total championship wins is shared by Portland Thorns FC and the now-defunct FC Kansas City.

Other teams dominate their counterparts, sometimes tallying up more than double the wins of their closest competitor. The Montreal Canadiens, with 24 total championships, hold the record for most Stanley Cup victories in the NHL. The second most victorious team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, has won 13 times. In Major League Baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series 11 times, second to the New York Yankees with a staggering 27 wins.


Winning championships is difficult. Winning multiple championships even more so. While some sports have numerous teams sharing the esteem of having won the big game most often, other sports have franchises with clear histories of dominance. The New York Yankees sit at the top of the championship wins list with 27 World Series victories. However, they only hold this distinction in America. Spanish football (soccer) team Real Madrid boasts 47 cup wins across two separate leagues, while the Scotland Rangers boast 54 wins in Scottish Premiership football.

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