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What’s in a dumb name? Leave Ashton and Mila alone already


mila ashtonThe headlines are going crazy over the dumb name that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis gave their baby girl.

OK, so Wyatt Isabelle isn’t the prettiest name for what will presumably be a drop-dead gorgeous little girl once she grows out of the Winston Churchill phase that white babies go through.

Wyatt is a good name for a Wild West sheriff, sure, but it’s a whole host better than the name Kimye gave their young’un. Seriously, North West?

We’re all giving our kids dumb names these days, but there’s nothing wrong with that, either. When I was in elementary school, half the kids in my class were named Chris, Mike or Brian, which made responding to teachers, coaches and other adult authority figures interesting. (You mean me?)

Kids today, more likely to be named after the first thing their parents see after conceiving, won’t have that same issue with having to share their name with several of their best friends.

Which is why we ought to applaud Ashton and Mila. (Except for the fact of who they are.)

– Column by Chris Graham



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