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Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter: Campaign raising awareness of roadway litter problem


virginia is for lovers not litterVDOT has launched Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about Virginia’s litter problem. All Virginians are encouraged to commit to the No Love for Litter pledge to each do our part to keep the Commonwealth litter free.

“This campaign is yet another important step in Virginia’s transportation sector to promote environmental stewardship,” said Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine. “Through Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter, we are emphasizing the responsibility each of us has to respect and protect the public spaces we share.”


Virginia Litter Facts

  • Nearly 3.5 million taxpayer dollars are spent each year to clean up litter on Virginia’s roadways
  • More than half of roadway litter comes from motorists and another 25% is from pedestrians
  • Significant roadway litter comes from vehicles with improperly covered loads
  • Nearly three-fourths of litter comes from people consciously choosing to litter on Virginia’s roads


“VDOT and our partners across the state are committed to promoting ways to reduce litter throughout Virginia,” said Rob Cary, VDOT Chief Deputy Commissioner and Chair of the newly-formed Environmental Subcommittee of the Commonwealth Transportation Board. “Having litter-free highways is something we should all be working toward. The first step is to ensure everyone recognizes the role they can play in preserving the beauty of our Commonwealth, which should change the mindset of littering on our roadways.”

The impact of litter is both environmental and economic. Litter affects our quality of life, safety, economic development, and recruitment of businesses and families to the Commonwealth. Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter aims to remind drivers, passengers, and pedestrians that littering on our roadways is unacceptable.

Litter is detrimental to Virginia’s economy and unfair to future generations. The effort is designed to encourage Virginians and visitors to keep the Commonwealth’s beautiful landscapes and roadways litter free, lovely and welcoming to all.

“Virginia Tourism is proud to partner with Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter as keeping our state pristine is something we are all accountable for and something we all need,” said Virginia Tourism Brand Director Lindsey Norment. “Beautiful Virginia will remain a destination for travelers worldwide, but only if it is kept clean. Aligning our internationally-recognized brand with this effort directly connects with our sustainability values.”

VDOT partner Keep Virginia Beautiful promotes the agency’s Adopt-a-Highway program through its website, social media platforms, and public relations channels as well as the organization’s many external partners.

“Keep Virginia Beautiful and VDOT enjoy a longstanding partnership rooted in a shared goal to protect and improve the natural beauty along our roadways and within our communities,” said Michael Baum, executive director of Keep Virginia Beautiful. “The Virginia is for Lovers, Not Litter campaign aligns beautifully with the work we do to promote a sense of shared responsibility to end littering, improve recycling, and beautify communities.”

Environmental stewardship is a focus for VDOT across the Commonwealth. The agency employs a comprehensive strategy for bettering the health and beauty of the state through Adopt-a-Highway, the new Beautify Virginia roadway sponsorships, Chesapeake Bay Watershed programs, and pollinator protection initiatives.

Visit LoversNotLitter.org to take the No Love for Litter pledge and learn more about what you can do to keep Virginia litter free.




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