Home Update: X-Pac still on mend following anal injury

Update: X-Pac still on mend following anal injury


xpacSean “X-Pac” Waltman went to Twitter to update fans on his health status following the horrific injury that he suffered at a wrestling show last weekend. Among the interesting tidbits: It wasn’t his first time at this particular rodeo, in a manner of speaking.

A similar injury from a failed BroncoBuster had happened a few years earlier, said Waltman, who will team with fellow Kliq member Kevin Nash in the main event at Top Rope Pro Wrestling’s Night of the Superstars, Saturday, April 13, Waynesboro High School, Waynesboro, Va.

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“That’s why I knew what happened this time,” said Waltman, who described his hotel room as looking “like a murder scene” due to the severe blood loss that resulted.

The amazing thing is that Waltman not only continued the match at the Jerry Lynn retirement show after suffering the injury, and noting to the referee, as you can see from video of the incident, “I tore my ass,” but he did two X-Factors, one from the top rope and one through a table, pretty much as if nothing had happened.

“My concern was giving Jerry the proper sendoff. Not my butthole,” said Waltman.

As to the injury itself, and how it happened, Waltman said “the video doesn’t do justice to the severity of the situation. The turnbuckle wasn’t covered, and my landing should have been 45 degrees.”

“I ended up landing hard and horizontal. The turnbuckle ripped me another new a hole,” Waltman said.

Waltman also noted the humor to what happened to him.

“It’s not my first near-death experience anyway. Plus, how can you not chuckle about a story like this?” he said.



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