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Top 5 cannabis related gifts

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The year 2020 is finally reaching the end and if there is one thing that this pandemic is not going to take away from us are the holidays and all of the joy they come along with. So now that Christmas is getting near, don’t be one of those who are always handing out gifts late, and go shopping for gifts actually before Christmas day.

Now, perhaps it’s easy to buy gifts for that friend or family member who’s crazy about football, or that niece who loves stuffed animals, but what about your stoner relatives or friends? Well, here’s a list of the top 5 gifts for stoners.

1. Cannabutter machine

Now every true stoner will want to try and cook some cannabis edibles at least once in their lives. And at the same time, others might prefer to take edibles rather than smoking everyday. Whichever the case, a cannabutter making machine would be the perfect gift, making the butter for your edibles can be tricky and it could be this that makes or breaks your edibles experience. The MagicalButter can do it all by itself, even cleaning.

2. Bong

Since you’re making a gift for this special cannabis lover, we can assume he or she’s got a special place in your heart. Therefore, you must care for them and their health, and what a better gift to express this than a bong. Bongs are a great alternative to smoking marijuana, skipping at the same time the ugly side effects that smoking has on the human body on the large scale. Also, a nice, well-designed bong or pipe is always viewed as an art piece and they’re much appreciated.

3. GanjaLand board game

Perhaps a board game would make a great gift for your friend. Spoiler alert: whoever wins gets to wear ‘the cannabis crown’, yes, there’s a crown involved. What better than promoting some healthy fun with a board game as a gift? Besides, it’s always fun to do something different instead of blazing, sitting on the couch and binge-watching TV.

4. Cannabis seeds

Now if your friend is serious about his love for marijuana then chances are they’re also growing their own in their balcony, garden or indoors. If you want to be the most beloved Santa this year, buy autoflowering seeds for your friends. Nothing will ever be more appreciated by them; these seeds will be thanked as a holy offering. So, if you want to make this awesome gift, then you must make sure the source you get your seeds from is trustable, such as a seeds bank company like Fast Buds, there are indeed some scams out there so be careful.

5. A subscription to Hemper boxes

These subscriptions are ideal for those who smoke with frequency and enjoy mixing up their smoking routines. What do they consist of? Every month a box full of fun gadgets will be delivered to your friend’s house. In it, they’ll be able to choose 6 different types of items, depending on the plan you purchase, or get the full deal of items with each month’s chosen themed paraphernalia, such as October’s “Jack the Ripper” Halloween themed box.

We hope that this list has helped you, or at least shot up some new ideas for presents to make for your friends or family. Don’t forget to pay attention next time you pay a visit to check that you don’t get them anything they already have.

Story by Delfina Nuñez



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