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Staunton gallery, studio school highlight amazing local art scene


beverley street studio schoolThe elegant Beverley Street Galleries, located on West Beverley Street in Downtown Staunton, is streaming with amazing artwork from various artists.

A couple blocks down from the Beverley Street Galleries is the school for arts, the Beverley Street Studio School. This is where a large number of students participate to further their educations in the arts.

Some of the students schedule a date in the gallery to have an art show, and after their exhibits, their artwork will be displayed in the gallery. The goal of having these shows is for artists to express their artwork to the audience. The artists hope to inspire their audience of all ages.

The Beverley Street Galleries is divided into two separate sections, including the Beverley Street Studio School Gallery, where art students can exhibit their artwork, and the next section is Co-Art Gallery with featured artist. This is where people in general can exhibit their artwork when they set a date on the calendar for an art exhibit show.

The Beverley Street Studio School audience is aimed for anyone; it’s an open door policy. The school’s goal is to inspire its audience by introducing art for artists and people who are interested in art. The school has a mailing list where they send upcoming art events. They reach out to all types of schools to come and look at the gallery, so that students can have a open eye for art.

The school holds seven shows a year. Each show last roughly around seven weeks; however there are no shows during the summer. With no shows being held in the summer, this gives artists an opportunity to work on artwork for the upcoming year.


Local artist

One local artist who has made great achievements in being an artist, Robert Stuart, teaches some of the classes that are provided in the studio school, and hopes to teach art students different styles of art in a different point of view.

There is no certain way to do art, Stuart said; art comes from inside you. Art is a great way to express your feelings and seeing your emotions come to life in an artistic way is like therapy.

Stuart went to Boston University to pursue an art degree. He knew art was for him at a young age. He grew up around art, for his mother was an art teacher.

Stuart states that the gallery “provides opportunity to look at good art. Students can exhibit their artwork.”

The typical day as an artist, Stuart says: “I work full time in my studio, working on my art projects.”

His studio is located right above the gallery. Stuart states: “I love my job. It’s all I wanted to do while I was growing up. Doing a job that you love doesn’t feel like you are working a day in your life.”

– Story by Gabrielle Sansom/AugustaFreePress.com intern



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