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Seth Megginson: First stab at 2021 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

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After the disappointing end to last year’s college basketball season, we were left with a ton of what ifs.

However, the long eight-plus months of no college basketball is over, and sure, just like every other major sport in this country, the game will look a lot different, but at least we have basketball back in our lives.

This year, there will certainly be an NCAA Tournament, because the NCAA cannot afford to lose out on the money that the tourney brings in again.

It may be crazy how we end up in March, as the pandemic is still in full affect, but let us just appreciate the fact that we are going to have March Madness this spring.

With that in mind, here is my first bracketology of the season.

Top 4 Seeds

1. Gonzaga 2. Villanova 3. Baylor 4. Virginia

Region 1

1. Gonzaga V 16. Texas Southern/ Fairleigh Dickinson
8. Oregon V 9. Oklahoma
5. Texas Tech V 12. Vermont
4. UNC V 13. South Dakota State
6. Houston V 11. Indiana
3. Creighton V 14. Wright State
7. Louisville V 10. Arkansas
2. Illinois V 15. Bowling Green

Region 4

1. UVA V 16. Colgate
8. LSU V 9. Stanford
5. West Virginia V 12. Ole Miss/USC
4. Ohio State V 13. Arkansas Little Rock
6. UCLA V 11. Boise State
3. Kentucky V 14. Austin Peay
7. Minnesota V 10. Georgia Tech
2. Kansas V 15. Sienna

Region 2

1. Villanova V 16. Stetson/Howard
8. Michigan V 9. Memphis
5. Florida State V 12. Western Kentucky
4. Texas V 13. Furman
6. Syracuse V 11. Northern Iowa
3. Wisconsin V 14. UC Santa Barbra
7. Richmond V 10. Rutgers
2. Tennessee V 15. Drexel

Region 3

1. Baylor V 16. UNC Asheville
8. Seton Hall V 9. Alabama
5. Arizona State V 12. Utah State/Miami (FL)
4. Michigan State V 13. New Mexico State
6. Florida V 11. Saint Louis
3. Duke V 14. Lamar
7. San Diego State V 10. UCONN
2. Iowa V 15. East Washington State

Last Four In

  • Ole Miss
  • USC
  • Utah State
  • Miami (FL)

First Four Out

  • Saint John’s
  • Loyola Chicago
  • SMU
  • Providence

Next Four Out

  • Colorado
  • Clemson
  • NC State
  • Arizona

Story by Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson covers sports for AFP. A graduate of Radford University, Seth has done freelance work for the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg covering high school and college football.

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