Sanford D. Horn: Catholic crosses crux of crazy complaint

Sanford D. Horn: Catholic crosses crux of crazy complaint


Following the ousting of several North African leaders in recent months in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, and the dissolution of their respective tyrannical regimes, panic set in around the western world as those nations are pursuing the installation of Sharia Law.

What is infinitely more disturbing here in the United States is that Muslims are waging an equally insidious battle for the hearts and minds of college campuses by utilizing American jurisprudence against American institutions, albeit in a misguided and inappropriate manner.

John F. Banzhaf III, a public interest law professor at George Washington University in Washington, DC, filed a complaint with the DC Office of Human Rights asserting that the human rights of the 122 Muslim students attending the Catholic University of America are being violated. This is the same professor who previously lodged a complaint against the same Northeast DC school decrying sex discrimination when Catholic University eliminated co-ed campus housing.

Banzhaf alleges the human rights of Muslim students are being violated, claiming the university prevented them from formulating a Muslim student group as well as denying them campus space for their daily prayers that are free of crosses, crucifixes, pictures of priests or other symbols of Christianity. (An Arab American Student Association does exist on campus, according to The Tower, a Catholic University student newspaper.)

Banzhaf claims the Catholic images are offensive to the Muslim students and a violation of their human rights. Other Catholic schools such as Georgetown University, also in Washington, DC, as well as the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN, have already acquiesced to similar Muslim demands.

This is both cacophonous and outrageous. Nobody is forced to attend Catholic University, or any college for that matter. Did not the Muslim students who opted to attend this Catholic institution have an inkling that as a Catholic school there would be images representative of that faith? If Muslim students are offended by Catholic images or depictions of Jesus Christ, then those students are free to transfer to a secular institution where Muslim student groups currently exist.

Catholic University is a private institution of higher learning, and as such is entitled to establish its rules, décor, images, ethical and moral codes and even its dietary provisions as it sees fit in accordance with the Catholic Church.

One must wonder why a Muslim student would willingly opt to attend a Catholic university if the sight of depictions of Jesus Christ and other Catholic images would render such a student apoplectic. And then to castigate such an institution for adherence to its traditions for 125 years is simply licentious.

The action of these particular Muslim students is not capricious either above or beneath its surface. This is jihad without the homicide bombers. I have long said and predicted that the Muslim global dominion would be conducted via babies, not bullets. Look at the birth rate of Muslim communities and how they have thrust themselves into European society making demands along the way by not adopting the culture of their host nations, but instead by demanding adherence to theirs.

Lawsuits are but one manner in which so-called dissident Muslim students can use America against Americans. However, such a potential lawsuit is another shining example of the litigiousness of American society and should never see the light of day in any American courtroom.

The nations of Denmark, France and Great Britain for example are lost. It is imperative that the United States learn from the colossal mistakes made in Europe and prevent them from being replicated on American soil.

The era of political correctness must be reversed before the United States becomes absorbed into the next Muslim caliphate, disappearing into the abyss with the whole of Western Civilization on its heels.

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and educator living in Westfield, Ind.



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