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Robert Sarvis denied spot in WDBJ governor’s debate


robert sarvisRobert Sarvis is rising in the polls, but his improved showing wasn’t enough to earn him a spot in the Oct. 24 governor’s debate being sponsored by WDBJ in Roanoke.

Sarvis was denied a chance to participate in the debate because he failed to reach the 10 percent threshold in an average of statewide polls dating back three weeks.

Sarvis, the Libertarian Party nominee, has polled as high as 12 percent in a poll released by Politico on Monday, but the three-week average of polls used by WDBJ has him at 9 percent.

A statement from Sarvis on the decision by WDBJ to exclude him from the debate:

“We all know what happened here. As the goalposts kept changing over the past couple weeks, it became clear that the decision would be made on the basis of measures that have the patina of objectivity, but in fact are designed to exclude

“A decision made two weeks in advance of the debate—an eternity this close to Election Day—based on an average of polls released over a three-week window effectively anchors us to the lower numbers of older polls, even though our numbers continue to rise in every poll. I am disappointed, but not surprised.

“Our political system has been distorted for the benefit of the two incumbent parties and no longer serves the voters of Virginia. That’s why this campaign is such a breath of fresh air for so many people and why I remain undeterred.
“To the voters of Virginia, I say this: I won’t let anyone take away your right to hear from all the candidates. I will carry on the campaign and show you why I am – and my vision for a Virginia that’s both “Open-minded and Open for Business” is – the best choice for Governor of Virginia.”





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