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Reasons to have a good website design

websiteA website is a set of web pages that shows valuable information and allows businesses to interact with customers, including potential customers.

According to a research published in Behavior And Information Technology, visual appeal of a website plays a vital role in making a user stay on the site. This was justified by conducting three various researches which concluded that a website only has a few seconds to create a first good impression before the visitors, and this impression is largely based on visual elements.

Experts at WSI, a known web design company, say that the right layout can help businesses grow by providing several benefits, including improved bounce rates and better conversion rate.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to have a good website design:


A Good Website Design Aids In Branding

Today it is all about branding. It is believed that customers do not purchase products but they purchase brands, and believe it or not your website can largey help you create a brand of your own.

Now think of McDonald’s, it is one of the most famous fast food chains around the world with a unique website that follows the same color palette that all McDonald’s restaurants follow.

It is very consistent and helps customers relate to the brand. When you visit any of McDonald’s website, you think of nothing but their product because it’s presented that way with a proper layout that also makes it easy to order and complete other tasks.

You should design your website in the same manner. If your brand is funky, you should use funky colors on the website etc. This way people will connect with your business better and have a clear image of who you are.


Improved Sales

A good web design means more sales. It is quite understandable why this happens. Users who find it difficult to navigate a site will instantly leave it and go to your competitors.

This does not only increase your website’s bounce rate, but also causes you to lose potential customers who might never come back.

Whereas, if your website has a simple layout and users can easily find what they need, their chances of making a purchase would greatly increase.

This can be done by taking care of the search feature and having a fully functional menu bar in addition to proper linking.


A Good Website Design Improves Communication

A website’s purpose is to convey valuable information to the person at the other end. According to research, all it takes for a visitor to hit the X button on the website is 30 seconds, and a large number of times this is due to poor design.

A website that is designed by keeping the communication and interaction factor in mind succeeds in attracting visitors and also makes them stay on the website for long.


It Reflects Professionalism

If your website uses poor design elements and bad font, it will come across tacky and unprofessional. This can give a very bad signal to your visitors.

Make sure to have a professional website with all links and features working properly. Use fonts that are the right size and easy to read. Also, stay away from poor colors and unattractive combinations. Use images and videos that are of high quality, and make sure the website goes well in sync with your niche.


Enhances Your SEO Efforts

According to reports, poor web design can impact your SEO efforts in a negative way. If your website is not responsive or if the links are not properly connected, or are dead, then your SEO efforts may go to waste.

Google and other search engines consider these factors when ranking websites. With around 60% of all search engine queries now coming through mobile devices it has become very important to have a responsive web design. Moreover, missing links etc., can make it difficult for crawlers to reach a page, hence affecting its ranking.



The benefits of a good web design are clear. It can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

Make sure you hire a professional web design company to make you a website that covers all the necessary features a website should have so that your chances of finding success can greatly increase.


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