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Rasoul delivering letter to Goodlatte on SCHIP


Story by Chris Graham

Sixth District Democratic Party nomination candidate Sam Rasoul wants to let Congressman Bob Goodlatte know where he stands on the extension of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program – a bill that would continue the provision of health-insurance coverage to millions of poor children that was vetoed this week by President Bush.

So Rasoul is hand-delivering a letter on the SCHIP veto to the Republican’s Capitol Hill office today.

“In an unconscionable step against protecting children’s health, President Bush has vetoed the bill. We, as constituents, members of the community, and MoveOn members, strongly urge you to vote to override President Bush’s veto,” Rasoul writes in the letter.

“These kids would otherwise be without health care,” Rasoul lists as a key reason for overriding the veto.

“They do not qualify for Medicaid, and their parents do not make enough to be able to afford health insurance. If a child has an accident or gets a disease, the debt from medical bills these families incur can be crippling,” Rasoul writes.

“Our state will bear the brunt of President Bush’s reckless obstructionism. Families USA reports that 74,200 kids in our state would be denied health insurance if President Bush’s veto holds. Can we really afford to pay the price as President Bush plays politics with this issue?” Rasoul writes in the letter.


Chris Graham is the executive editor of The Augusta Free Press.



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