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Protect Our Water asks FERC to consider flood damage in pipeline review


earthProtect Our Water (POW!), a chapter of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL), filed comments today requesting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission consider the recent flooding and roadway damage caused by torrential rainfall in two storms on June 2 and June 4/5 in Nelson County in its decision making process.

POW! Member, Marilyn Mars, stated, “Why is it they can make decisions that diminish the citizens in rural areas by selling out to pipelines and other business, while we are left powerless in the decision making process?  FERC must recognize the situation Nelson residents face every time we receive rains from these summer thunderstorms.”  In the submission to FERC, POW presented photographic evidence of what occurs in Nelson when torrential rains hit. POW believes clear cutting 350 acres of forested land for pipeline right-of-way and replanting it in grass is putting the community at greater risk of flooding and the lives of Nelson’s residents in increased danger.

Sharon Ponton, an organizer for BREDL in Virginia and Nelson resident, “I wasn’t here during the Camille flooding, but I’ve heard the stories, seen the photos and read the books. Dominion and FERC must be held accountable and must come to the realization that Nelson County is not suited for a 42” natural gas pipeline.”  There are others who agree.  The Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District submitted comments to FERC early on cautioning the construction of a pipeline in Nelson County.

POW! is a group of Nelsonians dedicated to protecting the water resources of Nelson County.  The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League is a regional, community-based, non-profit environmental organization. Its founding principles are earth stewardship, environmental democracy, social justice, and community empowerment.



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