Home Press Conference: UVA players after upset of #21 Louisville

Press Conference: UVA players after upset of #21 Louisville


uva-logo-new2Several UVA football players talk with reporters following the Cavs’ 23-21 upset of #21 Louisville on Saturday in Charlottesville, Va.


Junior Kicker Ian Frye

On the game winning kick:

“Amazing. It was surreal on the last kick. I thought to myself, this is what every kicker wants. I wasn’t nervous whatsoever like I was on the first kick.”


On the team:

“We are a completely different unit this year. Everyone works together and we keep each other up and excited for the next down.”


On the first ACC win:

“It’s unbelievable. It has been so long since out last win, and doing it here in front of our home crowd is great.”


Senior Linebacker Henry Coley

On the defensive adjustments:

“He didn’t make any adjustments, we just calmed down our emotions as a unit. They watch film the same way we do, so they knew some of our tendencies, just like we knew about theirs. We just played our game.”


On the playing with confidence:

“We play we a lot of confidence. You have to when you have a ranked opponent coming in to our stadium. We still have a chip on our shoulder because we feel like we should have wont he first game of the season [vs. UCLA].”


Sophomore Quarterback Greyson Lambert

On the opening drive of the second half:

“We were preaching in the locker room that we needed the opening drive to come out and extend the lead. We were really able to carry some momentum off that drive.”


On the win:

“We need every win. We prepared super hard this week. To be able to see all three phases of our game come together and contribute to the team victory is awesome.”


On his emotions:

“I was about to cry. It is amazing when we work so hard and the way we came together today. We stayed unified and made huge plays today. Football is an emotional game. I have never prayed so much in a football game before.”


Sophomore Safety Kelvin Rainey

On playing with a ranked team like Louisville:

“It’s not surprising that we can play at this level against a team like that. So, we went in to the game really confident.”


On the Virginia sideline’s mindset when Louisville went ahead in the fourth quarter:

“Our mindset was positive energy. We talked about it all week. We went back and forth against UCLA, but we decided that no matter what, our energy was going to stay high, and that’s what happened.”


On being surprised that James Quick fumbled the punt:

“I was surprised, but I just jumped on the ball. His mistake was a great turnaround for us.”


On recovering the fumble:

“I was a gunner on the punt team. The guy that was covering me was off, and I had been beating him most of the game. He just let me go and the ball was there for the taking. It popped up at a weird angle, and I just reached out with one hand and got on it.”


On UVa getting favorable bounces in the past:

“We definitely haven’t been getting those bounces in the past.”


On his teammates congratulating him back on the sideline:

“There was a lot of helmet smacking.”


Senior Wide Receiver Miles Gooch:

On how the win felt:

“It feels amazing. The team went crazy. It feels great to get this win with my brothers.”


On Greyson Lambert’s performance:

“I think it was a big step for Greyson and our team, and offense as a whole. Just as far as being able to go out there and make plays for each other was a big step for all of us.”


On his touchdown catch:

“I didn’t know that the play was going to go like that. Greyson just threw it up and trusted me. I tried my best to make a play for my boys.”


On the Louisville fumble on the punt:

“I can’t say we were due for a break, but that is just how football goes. It was great. We got the ball back, moved the ball a little bit, and [Ian] Frye made an amazing kick.”


Senior Running Back Kevin Parks:

On how big the win is:

“It is big, man. Especially coming off a season like last year. We will take a win whatever way we can. It was an ugly win, but we took it. We have to keep pushing from here and keep that momentum going.”


On being able to grind out the win and get a clutch first down:

“It was critical. We knew if we get a first down that we could run the clock down. We were being physical. It takes all four quarters. Three quarters isn’t the game. We had to keep pushing to the end.”


On Ian Frye:

“He was huge. He made some huge kicks. All facets of the game were working together.”


On his run to win the game:

“The type of player I am, I feed off of that. I told my running back coach [Larry Lewis] that I was going to do everything to get that first down for the team. You saw a little bit of emotion after because I’ve been waiting for that moment.”


On if he saw the students getting ready to rush the field:

“I didn’t even see it. I was just so happy with the win.”


Sophomore Linebacker Max Valles:

On forcing the punt:

“Our biggest thing is team unity. It was a tough play, but we bend but don’t break. So, it was great that we got back up and got a stop. Ian Frye did a great job. It was a great team win.”


On seeing the punt fumble:

“I didn’t even know what was happening because I was on my stomach and stretched out. But, I heard the crowd and I heard the announcer so I jumped out of my stretch and celebrated with the guys.”


On a bounce going Virginia’s way:

“Yeah that was great. Just getting the ball back and the offense doing what they did was just great.”



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