Press Conference: Frank Beamer

Press Conference: Frank Beamer


Opening Statement: I think we had a really good opportunity to beat a really good football team. It goes back to about six or seven plays that if they had gone our way it would have been a different ball game. Some was our doing and some were other things, but I firmly believe we have important games left and its how you finish up. We are still in running for the conference championship so we need to continue to work hard, give great effort and finish this thing up in a good fashion.  

Q: Did you guys submit the sack of Logan on third down in the third quarter and the play in the fourth quarter where Bonner appeared to strip Watkins that went to review to the ACC? And did you submit any other plays as well?

Beamer: Yea, I am going to keep our dealing with the ACC between the ACC and us and leave it at that.

Q: Did you change the schedule at all this week with the players and practice? Do they have any extra days off?

Beamer: Yea, we do. What we are going to do is we watched the film of offense and defense this morning with the players and watch the kicking this afternoon and then have a team meeting. They will be free today and tomorrow and free the next day. Then come back and start our preparation for Miami the following day. I think get a couple extra practices for an important ball game and to get the guys away from it a little bit, I think mentally and physically we need to rest up a little bit. It has been a tough stretch and very physical stretch. We are going refresh our minds and bodies a little bit and get ready to attack these last four games.

Q: For the coaches and staff, does the bye week come at a good time for you guys to regroup and reevaluate how you guys are doing things?

Beamer: Yea, I think everybody is ready for a little rest. A couple days off will do everyone some good. As coaches, we are going to be working on the next game plan too.

Q: Looking back on the game, how did you evaluate the offensive line and David coming back and Michael playing at center?

Beamer: It was okay at times and other times we had trouble getting the block. I think when you have a new guy in there things like that might happen. I don’t question anybody’s effort. The results weren’t always what we wanted but I don’t question anybody’s effort.

Q: Do you think David was a little rusty coming off the injury and do you think this time off will help him and will you get Caleb back?

Beamer: Yea, I think this time will help David. He has been banged up in several ways and I give him a lot of credit for playing. He wanted to and I give him a lot of credit to get out there and play. We will have to see with Caleb. We are hopeful that the extra time will work in our favor to get him back but we will have to wait and see.

Q: Will Tariq Edwards get back or will this be like a lost year for him?

Beamer: I think every week will get him back rolling. I think he got in there for a few plays there on Saturday but he has to be mentally in there also. And get him ready to see him play like he has played in the past. I think we are getting closer to that.

Q: What have these eight games have been like for you? Obviously this program hasn’t had a record like this since 1992. What is your philosophy with a team like this struggling to get wins, what do you call upon?

Beamer: I think it hasn’t gone exactly the way you have wanted it to. You have to look at your players and coaches and say are we giving the effort, which I think we are. Like in the ball game the other night, I don’t think it was a lack of effort, I think there were just some plays that didn’t work out our way. Some like I said earlier was our doings and some was otherwise, but the deal is as long as guys are giving effort you have to accept what comes down. You just have to keep working and finish up strong. It will be a great feeling to finish up strong. So that’s what I am going to look at.

Q: Do you hear from fans during the season and get a sense of displeasure with the record and the way things have gone this year?

Beamer: I think we have great fans and some are very vocal on how they feel, but I can honestly say I don’t read papers and don’t listen. I try to look at what we go here and what is realistic and how we can solve problems. The people that can solve our problems are coaches and players. We are 4-4, we haven’t had a record like that, but we have had some good moments and good play and to me you can do that all the time.

Q: With four games left, what area do you think needs the most improvement for you guys?

Beamer: Well I think consistency in running the football I think is our No. 1 priority right now. I think that if we can get that squared away that would affect other things. We have our moments at times but I think consistently do that will be key for us.

Q: To follow up on that, do you think that the back rotation has stunted the development of the running game?

Beamer: I think we need to narrow it down. They all bring something and are all great kids but I do think we do need more consistency and getting more concise will help us in that regard.

Q: Who has impressed you the most with that group?

Beamer: We are talking about it and looking at it and will work with the guys on that.

Q: What is a good number for you?

Beamer: Well again we are working through that right now. I think four backs is too many and again they all bring something different. Some times they can run better and other times we could block better and sometimes you look at it and we get a block down field by a wide receiver to make it better. Its not just one thing and I don’t want it to sound that way, but its just a little this and a little that. Bottom line is that we just need to be more consistent as a group.

Q: When you look at J.C.’s game on Saturday, why did he struggle to get the ball so much?

Beamer: Well, I think that the type of backs you look at that too. He needs open space and there wasn’t a lot of open space there Saturday. Some backs are more open space guys and some are more at home in the eye so we are looking at that part of it too.



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