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Now share trading is possible with international countries


In many countries, the country is permitting a person to invest in foreign countries for earning purpose. In this way there are one thousand and five hundred types of investment is possible for a share buyer. A share buyer is not only buying shares. He is also selling the same shares to other person with little margin, all he has to do is to send the papers to the other person with an agreement, that he is no way connected with that share and the transfer is made for the same. This kind of share transfer is easily possible and the person could earn little money. Once the person is buying huge numbers of shares and he is suffering financially, he wants some money means; he could inform to his friends about this, a friend could buy his share and relief from the suffering. Anyone if the person is not having sufficient fund, he would suffer for the money, in case he wants to sell his shares to the purchased company, and the company is not accepting the buyback policy, that person could sell his shares to the others. Normally any shares once sold cannot be taken back, this is the policy adopted by many companies.


At the same time, a new company which is entering to the public limit, that company would inform the share buyers not to bother about their shares and it would be accepted at anytime for money. These kinds of companies are found seldom in this kind of buyback policy.  The share is purchased only through форекс трейдър who is called as Forex agent, it is hard to become forex trader, and the reason is government is checking the agency before issuing license. That person should have to show all his income tax documents, apart from this he has to pass the exam available for share trading. Once he clears the exam, he has to deposit money for the government, this is a big amount, only rich person or company could afford for this amount and get license to sell shares. In this connection, based on the transactions, the commission is paid for the agent who has the forex agency.


Little commission amount from mass people makes a person rich


Share trader would be getting only a small commission on each transaction, once he gets multiple investors in such a case that person could be in a position to earn a lot of money. The people are ready to invest their money, based on grow of the company, still to say, people are interested to invest on famous IT companies. The reason is information technology is developing a lot and every company has plenty of orders to do. This is the reason all the information technology companies are full flourished, all these IT companies are earning huge money, and the share holders of the companies are earning very much. Each share holder is happy for investing in IT field. Same time, oil and natural gas companies are also standing in the second place and earning huge money.


These companies are also providing huge profits for the investors.  The next is banking sectors, at the same time a bank without many bankrupt’s persons, that bank share is purchased, at the same time, not all banks are not in the good position, because the banks lend money to borrowers, but not collecting the money at the right time, this makes the bank to stay in shares in the down wards. Many banks are in the critical position and these banks are supported by the governments by providing money to the banks. Many banks are unable to provide loans to the public because the collection is bad with them. Rich people are lending money in thousands and millions of dollars and not paying back the interest and principal amount. In that case, the bank would be closing very soon condition. However, the banks are trusted by the normal poor man and the bank would not be showing yellow notice to the public. Banks would be demanding money from the government by showing the credit money offered for the common public. Government would consider the requests of the bank and government would be depositing huge money to stay in stable condition.


Share market would be growing every day


Share market would be accessed in point’s value. In case all companies are growing the point of the day would be in higher position. In case all the companies are not growing, and showing in down position the total points would be reduced. The points are checked carefully by the economists and informing about this to the government and government would take necessary action for this matter, and the points of the share trading forex would be increased soon. In case, a change in the government would be reducing the points of the forex. In some cases, the new government is taking place in rule, the points in the forex would be developing and points would be increasing. Falling down point would be identified as red color, and increasing point would be shown in the green color to the public. A normal person identifies this with the colors and he is glad about the increase in points in forex. Only after this he checks his purchased share company’s growth. Based on the growth of the points in forex only a government condition is decided by the public, the government is flourishing the share trading would be in very good position. Everyone who invested their money on share trading would be quite happy with the government as well as with their shares. Any share investor understands, investing share money is subject to market condition, and he is not sure of earning money from shares. However, once the company comes out for share selling, that company would be managing its power in the long term not in the short term. Even the investor who is ready to wait for long years would be benefitted in due course.





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