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How many #NeverTrump folks will stay the course to November?


donald trumpThe Democratic Party of Virginia sent a note to media over the weekend highlighting statements from Virginia Republicans who don’t like Donald Trump.

Which, yeah, partisan politics, but it is interesting in the respect that, come November, how many of these Never Trumps will have tucked their sphincters between their legs before jumping on the Make America Great Again bandwagon?

“My love for our country eclipses my loyalty to our party, and to live with a clear conscience I will not support a nominee so lacking in the judgment, temperament and character needed to be our nation’s commander-in-chief. Accordingly, if left with no alternative, I will not support Trump in the general election should he become our Republican nominee.”

This is Congressman Scott Rigell, to be fair, quoted on March 1, which was before Trump was the presumptive GOP nominee.

“#NeverTrump means…never. The mission of distinguishing him from Republican positions and conservative values remains critical.”

This is Rory Cooper, the former communications director for deposed House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

And this quote is more recent vintage, from a May 3 tweet.

A day later, Tucker Martin, who I’ve known since the early 2000s when he worked with Jerry Kilgore, had this to say.

“I never envisioned myself being opposed to a Republican candidate for president… But when I look at somebody like Donald Trump … I don’t think he’s fit to be president of the United States.”

Same day, Shaun Kenney, the former executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia: “Frankly, I do not know how I will vote in November.  I do know this.  I will never vote for Donald Trump.”

The list from the Dems included a quote from former state lawmaker David Ramadan, who engaged in a memorable Twitter exchange with Trump a few months back, and we can presume from that episode that his #NeverTrump stance is pretty firm from here on out.

Bill Bolling, the two-term former lieutenant governor, is also on the list, and Bolling – I got a lot of respect for Bill Bolling. Guy got screwed by Crazy Ken Cuccinelli (also on the list, incidentally) out of the 2013 Republican gubernatorial nomination, and had the GOP had any sense back then, Bolling is governor today.

I also think a lot of Martin, and Kenney has always come across to me as smart, savvy and fair-minded.

And so actually, looking this over, I’d bet a lot of the people on this early list of #NeverTrumps will stay true to their early words.

I still think you’ll see more #Nevers quietly or not so quietly join the White Power movement in backing the 21st century national socialist candidate between now and November.

Column by Chris Graham



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