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Letter: Reader critical of Emmett Hanger on healthcare

letter-to-the-editor3Letter from Kurt Christensen/Culpeper County

If you like Obamacare, you will love State Senator Emmett Hanger. Hanger has been a key architect of Medicaid expansion which a majority of the General Assembly agrees will bust the state budget and result in budget cuts to discretionary programs benefitting  education and veterans

Senator Hanger is a 35-year career politician whose support for Obamacare has been rewarded by large campaign donations from high-paid corporate lobbyists representing large hospitals and nursing homes.

Richmond is broken.  It can be fixed by replacing career politicians with people outside government with business experience.  Dan Moxley was educated as an electrical engineer and founded, owns and operates a successful small business.  He is a conservative Republican who will return Virginia to the wise and frugal government it deserves.

Please support Dan Moxley on June 9 in the Republican primary for the 24th Senate district.  Richmond is broken and needs new blood ..



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