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Letter: Augusta County needs to embrace the future by voting yes to solar farms

Beth Daisey
solar farm
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As a resident in Augusta County, I am very concerned about the restrictive way Augusta County government is responding to the real threat of protecting our environment.

The fast-approaching environmental threat requires a governing body that understands and realistically sees solar farm projects as an effective and safe way into our county’s future without sacrificing the importance of economic development.

Solar farms offer us a pathway to the future. It affords residents a choice and different source of energy to power their lives.

This Augusta County Planning Commission and any upcoming Board of Supervisors decision(s) about solar farm project(s) carries with it a responsibility to every Augusta County citizen.

Any governmental decision you make should reflect a safe & healthy future for every Augusta County citizen.

There are millions of county tax dollars to be effortlessly earned by installing solar farms without the tremendous residential or commercial project infrastructure necessary and ultimately paid for by our tax dollars.

Now, is past time for Augusta County’s governing body to approach solar energy projects with a more realistic & futuristic viewpoint.

Is it possible for you to vote yes on this important energy project as we residents move into the future living in Augusta County?

Thank you!