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Legit YouTube downloader software for free

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YouTube is no doubt one of the best and most versatile websites with a vast number of videos. Users get to upload, like, comment, and watch different videos. However, all these videos are not always available for download by users. But with the aid of third-party applications, users can easily download YouTube videos.

YouTube has broadly stated in its Terms of Service that users are not licensed to download its video content. Users can only download videos from YouTube only if the website provides a link to download a particular video.

Downloading videos from YouTube for personal consumption is regarded as safe and uncontroversial. This is because making copies of this video for commercial purposes can be considered illegal. Such offenders may be made to face trial or punished.

YouTube will never attack users using legit YouTube video downloader software to download copyrighted videos. Such a YouTube downloader is the Btlcod YouTube downloader. Users use this legit YouTube downloader software free of charge.

What is a YouTube video downloader software?

A YouTube video downloader is a software tool that enables users to download videos successfully from YouTube. These videos can likewise be edited to preferred tastes on this platform after downloading. These platforms are quite easy to use. The interface is designed in a way that facilitates easy understanding of the users.

There are different features available to users, and these features are free. This software can be used to access YouTube videos using a mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. Provided any of these devices are connected to the internet, one is good to go.

Why use a YouTube video downloader software?

YouTube is a platform known for its high-quality videos. It does not grant users the ability to keep these videos for future use. That is, it does not allow users to download videos from the website. Users are only granted permission to watch, comment, like, and upload videos on the website.

YouTube video downloader saves the day by enabling users to download desired videos from YouTube. These videos are likewise downloaded or edited to preferred formats. These software downloaders help users to save videos on cloud storage accounts or device storage. Files stored on cloud storage platforms are easily accessible in the future.

How to download YouTube videos with downloader software

YouTube video downloaders, as mentioned earlier, are quite easy to use. The only thing needed is to get a suitable one that matches one’s needs. YouTube videos can be downloaded on any device, preferred there is a working internet service.

There are quite a number of legit free YouTube software downloaders. Btclod YouTube downloader is the best of many. It’s 100 percent legit, and it is free. In a few clicks, the desired video is downloaded and edited to the desired format.

Downloading YouTube videos with Btclod YouTube downloader

Btclod YouTube downloader is a free downloader that allows users to download YouTube videos on their respective devices. It is easy to use and download videos fast. Videos downloaded can be converted to different formats or quality.

Users are exposed to unlimited amounts of downloads and conversions. There is no limitation, and these features are free of charge. This software is totally bug-free and secure. Security of the user’s personal data is guaranteed. The software is free from viruses, and the user’s data is highly secured.

The platform hosts a wide array of formats, all of which are supported on all devices. The supported video and audio formats include MP3, 3GP, M4A, MO, FLV, and WEBM formats and more. Likewise, device brands such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or iPhones can access these platforms. Downloaded videos can as well be uploaded to Google Drive and Dropbox. This facilitates easy access to the video in case of future needs.

How to download YouTube videos using Btclod YouTube downloader

Step 1: First thing to do is to locate the video to be downloaded on YouTube. This can be done by simply accessing YouTube on your web browser. When the video is located, copy the video’s URL.

Step 2: Go to www.yt1s.com on your web browser; paste the copied URL in the search box provided. In the absence of a URL, users can input keywords and search for the video on the platform.

Step 3: After the URL has been pasted or the keyword has been inserted, the next thing is to conduct a search.

Step 4: When the desired video is located, users are expected to choose a preferred output format. This is the format that the downland will be in.

Step 5: Click on the “Download” option. After a while, the video file will be downloaded and available in the device storage.

Factors to consider when selecting a YouTube video downloader software

When trying out new software, it is quite essential to consider certain factors. These prevent the users from making the wrong choice of software. Here are some of the guides to choosing a legit YouTube video downloader Software.

Supported features

Users must confirm that a YouTube downloader software has all the needed features. This is to facilitate smooth and easy video downloads and conversions. Users should survey the functionality of the features supported by a YouTube downloader before choosing it.

Usability of supported features

It is a different thing if tons of features are supported and another thing to be able to use these features easily. One must make sure that the supported features are relatively easy to use. A YouTube downloader software with complex features is useless. As a result of this, users should try to use the free trial options to get familiar with the available features.

Available formats options

A good YouTube downloader must possess a wide array of for use. One that users can easily select the desired ones from. A YouTube downloader must support most of the commonly used file formats. This is because it would be irrational to download videos in formats that can not be accessed.

Helpful support team

Access to a helpful and responsive support team is very important. This is because users are liable to encounter troubles using the software. It may be as a result of software troubleshooting or a problem using available features. It is this support team that can assist users at this point.

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