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Jim Gilmore sighting: Former Virginia governor blasts Iran deal


jim-gilmoreYou probably blinked at least once during the Republican fire-and-brimstone anti-Iran deal rally this week. Meaning you are likely to have missed that former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, officially, technically, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, addressing the cameras and scattered live observers.

“The deal does not create peace, it only postpones war,” Gilmore said, quickly. “Now President Obama says we have no choice. Well if we have no choice, it’s because he’s negotiated us into a no choice position. America is never in a no-choice position.”

It was a rare public appearance by Gilmore, whose campaign announcement was done via YouTube, and who otherwise seems to prefer to campaign through media interviews.

Not only is he at or below 1 percent in most polls, but the Gilmore for America Facebook page has just 394 likes, and his Twitter page has a scant 1,195 followers.

(Even George Pataki has 50,500 Twitter followers, and odds are you didn’t know he was running for president. Yes, George Pataki is running for president. You know, the former governor of New York. Yes, that George Pataki.)

Anyway, good on Gilmore for getting a live mic for a minute the other day.

– Story by Chris Graham



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