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Four sure-fire signs that you are joining a good company


There are successful companies, and then there are those which are good to work for. For the purposes of today, we are going to be focusing on the latter.

You might be employed for a company that breaks every financial record in its industry – but that by no means makes it a good firm to work for. On the contrary, there’s every chance that you aren’t probably recognized and are a mere cog in the system, so to speak.

Instead, prior to joining a company, it’s worth investigating just some of their practices. Here, we’ll mull over some of the main ones that you should look out for. It’s worth pointing out that the absence of any of these isn’t necessarily going to be game changing – we’re merely suggesting some of the signs that companies who are good to work for will showcase.

The social-factor

We’re by no means saying that this is the most important reason that you are joining a company – after all, some people are naturally introverted. However, there’s no doubt that a company that places social activity high on its agenda is always going to be a pleasure to work for – it prompts bonding between employees, which is pretty crucial for job satisfaction.

It might all be about your next corporate summer party, or simply the regular weekly activities that the company organizes. The point we’re trying to make is that any business who provides these extra-curricular activities cares for their employees – and that’s a pretty good start.

The potential for development

It’s a classic interview question, isn’t it? “What are the opportunities for development?”

We’re not going to necessarily talk about the opportunities for promotion, but more about how you can develop as a person.

Is training offered? Are you permitted to go on courses? Even if the chances for promotion are slim, if you can bank on personal development it will help you in your career in the long run. In other words, it’s a good sign.

Dress down days

It’s a bit of a quirky suggestion and in all honesty, it’s never going to be a deal breaker if your company in question doesn’t offer this.

However, the point we’re trying to make is that dress down days can just outline the whole culture of a company. If they are offered, it immediately shows that there are opportunities to relax in a sense and show that the company is able to give a little as well.

Flexible working

On the subject of the give-take agreement – any company that permits flexible working will always fall favorably. Sure, it’s just not possible in some industries, but the ability to work when you please demonstrates umpteen qualities of a company. Immediately, it becomes apparent that they are happy to support their workers – while it goes without saying that this is just a very accommodating benefit to have and will make life much easier for you.




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