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Five best second passports by investment programs for 2016


In this article, we are going to reveal the five best second passport programs for 2016. Read further to learn everything you need to know to buy a second passport.


What is the value of a second passport?

A second passport must provide you with the opportunity to travel without a visa to most countries, and it should be affordable. A passport from Austria is of extreme value due to the fact that it allows you to travel to 171 countries.

Austria is considered a 4th tier passport, while 1st tier is those issued by the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Having a passport from a European country such as Bulgaria, Malta, Austria, Cyprus and Hungary will allow you to work and live anywhere in the European Union.

Moreover, a European passport will give you the opportunity to open a bank account anywhere in the world. It would be nearly impossible to initiate an account abroad with a passport from the last tier country.


Second Passport Scam

You must remember that there’s no way to receive an authentic second passport cheap and easy. Everyone on the Internet offering any kind of cheap passports is a scammer. After all, this is a multi-billion dollar business and countries are not interested selling their brand for cheap.


Best Second Passports for Sale

1. Bulgaria

Currently, Bulgaria is considered as the #1 destination for having a second passport. It’s one of the few programs, where investors are likely to see their investments again. Bulgaria offers a variety of business investment options. For €512,000 investment in government bonds, you will gain residency. After a year, you can invest the same amount to gain citizenship

Moreover, the government bonds do not pay interest, which means that your cash will not accumulate any interest fee in the next five years. The residence is granted after a clean background check, and you are obliged to visit Bulgaria only twice.

The Bulgarian passport is rated 18th in the world, and it gives you the opportunity to visit 153 countries, including the United Kingdom. You will have access to all countries in Western Europe, due to the Schengen participation of Bulgaria.


2. St Lucia

To gain a passport from St. Lucia, you can buy the passport for $200,000 or invest $550,000 in government bonds for five years.

The program is quite new and very few passports have been granted. It’s an incredibly private option unlike St.Kitts, which has received considerable interest from medias worldwide.

You will be given a passport and regain your investment in five years. It only costs a fraction to get your investment back, which is quite important.


3. Malta

With a Maltese citizenship, the individual can live and work anywhere in the EU, similar to Bulgaria’s passport. However, with a Maltese passport, you can travel visa-free to America.

With this passport, you will have access to Switzerland, America, and 166 other countries. Currently, this is considered as the 8th most valuable travel document. It costs around $1.57 million, but including the fees, it can get as high as $1.85 million.

There are only 1,800 passports available, and you are required to reside in Malta for a “reasonable amount of time.”


4. Cyprus

During the 2013 recession, Cyprus seized wealthy foreigners cash to bail out their banks. From this mess came their new citizenship offer.

Now, for €2.5 million investment, the individual will receive the same rights and protections as any Cyprus citizen. This means that Cyprus ensures that no foreigner will face the same fate as before.


5. Austria

If you don’t have a problem spending a significant amount of money, then the Austrian passport is the best one you can get. Currently, it’s ranked on the fourth position for a most valuable passport in the world.

With it, you can travel visa-free to 171 countries, including America. However, it’s the most expensive second passport. You have to make a donation of €2 to €4 million or an investment of €10 million in a particular business. The business type is negotiable, but you are expected to employ a number of people and generate a particular taxable income. The fees and the charges for these programs are over $500,000 as well.



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