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David Swanson: Disarm Nazi disrupters of Heather Heyer funeral


Nazis are supposedly planning to disrupt Heather Heyer’s funeral Wednesday morning. There is no excuse for allowing these people to assemble or speak WHILE ARMED.

heather heyer charlottesvilleIt is not part of the First Amendment. It is not a right permitted to people who assemble and speak for good and decent causes. Why must it be permitted those who plot violence on behalf of awful agendas?

Why they were allowed guns, knives, sticks, clubs, pepper spray, shields, and helmets on Saturday is beyond me. But to permit them to go anywhere near the funeral while armed would be absolutely indefensible and of course provide no excuse for police to stand by and watch crimes committed. Nor would allowing those crimes to be committed justify further militarization of the police.

Failure to disarm one party is not grounds to arm another, not in foreign policy and not in this city. Any future crimes committed by anyone not yet arrested for Saturday’s crimes will constitute evidence for arresting those guilty of crimes even when they are Nazis. It will not constitute grounds for bringing in more helicopters or mine-resistant vehicles or body armor or rifles.

Column by David Swanson



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