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Daniel Bryan may be returning sooner: Is this good news?


daniel bryanWWE has been targeting a Survivor Series return for recent champ Daniel Bryan, but he may be able to get back in action sooner with his rehab starting to go better than had been expected.

OK, so it had been expected that he’d be back in June and wouldn’t have to vacate the WWE title, so take good news with the Yes! Man with a grain of salt.

That said, Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer is pushing the speculation that Bryan could be a player again in the next month or two.

To the next question, then: is the return of Bryan good news?

The immediate answer is, Yeah, of course. WWE has had a huge void at the top of the card since Bryan went under the knife. It seems to have been in the cards that he was going to lose the world strap to Brock Lesnar, with the bright idea that is the brewing Lesnar-Roman Reigns main event for WrestleMania 31. It was Bryan who was to suffer the massive beatdown that Lesnar gave to John Cena at SummerSlam, and presumably in the return match at Night of Champions, and after those two losses, what was to be next is a good question.

A feud with Bray Wyatt would be entertaining, even if it were going nowhere. The two put on a solid match at Royal Rumble, and then went their separate ways. Definitely some unfinished business to settle there. Bryan-Seth Rollins would be better from a workrate perspective, and would be a nice buildup for Rollins on the way to what seems an inevitable role for him in the world-title picture.

This is assuming, of course, that Bryan, upon his return, is not a shadow of his former self, and you do have to worry a bit about how he returns. A small high-flyer and master seller with a neck injury like Bryan needs to be used right to protect his health, first and foremost, so how he adapts his in-ring style will be key as to whether he continues to be a top babyface and thus a top draw for WWE.

– Column by Chris Graham



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