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Chris Graham: Misread on 2012?


Yeah, I think I’m guilty. I’ve been thinking all along that it was the Republicans who would be the ones hopelessly split heading into the general election for the open U.S. Senate seat representing Virginia in November 2012. And then I wrote a column about the Draft Perriello movement that has elicited a string of comments from people either solidly sold on the one-term former congressman who lost his bid for re-election three months ago, solidly disenchanted with former Virginia governor and presumptive Democratic nomination frontrunner Tim Kaine, or both.

“If Kaine is the candidate, he better have some god damn good consultants and ads, because he won’t have volunteers knocking on doors for him!”

That has been the sentiment on the forum attached to my weekend column. For perspective, it’s a small sample, so I don’t want to overgeneralize to the point of saying, Yeah, that says it right there, the netroots have spoken, there’s the end of Tim Kaine.

But we’re pretty much doing the same thing in our early analyses of the Republican Senate race. George Allen is the presumptive frontrunner there, Tea Party leader Jamie Radtke has the support of some conservative bloggers, and all hell is breaking loose, or so we’re all trying to say.

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