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Chris Graham: It’s good for you, unless it’s bad for you


stopthepresses-newI fell for the clickbait. “Is coffee bad for you, or is it saving your life?” The story, predictably, was about a study that says coffee is actually good for you, and another study that says the first study is bunk, because coffee is bad for you.

So which is it? Do we need somebody to study the studies?

Well, yeah, but then another guy would study the first guy and say that his study was full of it. And then a third guy …

I guess what I’m saying is, we study an awful lot these days, and as a result of our studies we’re smarter, but …

This just in: A new study says we’re actually not smarter as a result of all these studies that we’re doing.


I tend to think that we are smarter as a result of all of our studies, personally.

Breaking: New study questions wisdom of those who believe that we’re smarter as a result of all of our studies.

I expected that.

In Focus: Study looks at unrealistic expectations of column writers, suggests they’re all on the take.

Seriously? Could we cut this crap out?

Back to my point, if I can still make a point here: I’m beginning to doubt that all the studying that we’re doing is having a positive impact on society.

Flash: Looking at the doubting Thomas, and how much these people hold back progress.

I officially quit.



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