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Bracketology Update: Seth Megginson’s Latest Projection

2019 ncaa tournament bracketologyEast

1 Virginia v 16 Norfolk St/Iona (Colombia, SC)

8 Auburn v 9St. Johns (Colombia, SC)

5 Florida State v 12 Belmont (Hartford, CT)

4 Kansas State v 13. Limpscomb (Hartford, CT)

6 Buffalo v 11. Florida (Tulsa, OK)

3 Houston v 14. Montana (Tulsa, OK)

7 Iowa 10. NC State (Jacksonville, FL))

2 Tennessee v 15 Texas State (Jacksonville, FL)


1 Gonzaga v 16. St. Francis/Prairie View (Salt Lake City, UT)

8 Louisville v 9. Oklahoma (Salt Lake City, UT)

5 Maryland v 12. New Mexico State (San Jose, CA)

4 Nevada v 13. Yale (San Jose, CA)

6 Villanova v 11. Texas(Tulsa, OK)

3  LSU v 14. Radford (Tulsa, OK)

7 Cincinnati v 10 TCU (Des Moines, IA))

2 Michigan v 15 Loyola Chicago(Des Moines, IA)


1 Duke v Sam Houston State (Colombia, SC)

8 Wofford v 9 Ole Miss (Colombia, SC)

5 Mississippi State v 12. Minnesota/Utah State(San Jose, CA)

4 Texas Tech v 13. Vermont(San Jose, CA)

6 Iowa State v 11 Temple(Des Moines, IA)

3 Marquette v 14 Hofstra (Des, Moines, IA)

7 Washington v 10. UCF (Columbus, OH)

2 Michigan State v 15. South Dakota State (Columbus, OH))


1 Kentucky v 16. Colgate (Columbus, OH)

8 Baylor v 9 Syracuse (Columbus, OH)

5 Virginia Tech v 12 Arizona State/ Seton Hall (Hartford, CT)

4 Purdue v 13. ODU (Hartford, CT)

6 Wisconsin v 11 Alabama (Salt Lake City, UT)

3 Kansas v 14 UC Irvine (Salt Lake City, UT)

7 VCU v 10 Ohio State  (Jacksonville, FL)

2 UNC  v 15. Northern Kentucky (Jacksonville, FL)

Last Four In:

  • Minnesota
  • Arizona State
  • Seton Hall
  • Utah State

First Four Out:

  • Clemson
  • St. Mary’s (CA)
  • Furman
  • Butler

Newcomers: Loyola Chicago, Northern Kentucky, Colgate, Utah State

Who had the best week?

Virginia Tech: From a seeding standpoint no one gained more than the Hokies this week. Defeating Duke at home moved the Hokies up from a seven to a five in my bracketology and the Hokies could be competing for a four seed here in the last week of the season. Tech needed a big win in my opinion, yes they beat Purdue earlier in the season but after that nothing in their resume stood out. That all changed Tuesday with the win over Duke.

Ohio State: I had the Buckeyes barley in the field at the beginning on the week but a win over Iowa has jumped them all the way up into the number 10 spot. With the bubble being weak this season its important for these bubbles to beat the good teams they play at home and Ohio State definitely did that.

Who had the worst week?

Louisville: The Cardinals are likely going to make the tournament but they need to find their form again. Just a few weeks ago Louisville was pushing for a three seed now I have them as an eight. If things don’t get better then it will be interesting to see what the committee does with Louisville.

Butler: The Bulldogs were in my last four in at the beginning of the week but with an overtime home loss to Providence Butler is going to have to have a strong showing to get back in the field during this last week and conference tournament. Butler has Villanova on the road this weekend if the Bulldogs can pull the upset off there they may be in good shape again but that will be easier said than done.

Column by Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson

Seth Megginson covers sports for AFP. A graduate of Radford University, Seth has done freelance work for the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg covering high school and college football.