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A beginners guide to sports betting and parlays

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Unlike casino games, sports wagering has the capacity of reaching wide audiences. Any sports fan may be tempted to test his knowledge by trying to predict the outcome of certain events. Nowadays, people can easily register an account at an online sportsbook, make deposits, and place wagers in a matter of minutes. However, not everyone can win consistently. This is why we decided to give important advice to those who are new to sports wagering.

How to understand betting odds and lines

Sportsbooks want to attract players to equally back all possible outcomes of a single event by balancing the odds in accordance with the amount of money placed on each outcome. The profit lies in fees known as juice or vigorish and you simply have to accept these. It should thus not be too hard to understand the odds for a single event. Nevertheless, if you want to bet on several different events at once to increase your potential winnings (who doesn’t), you can back distinct teams to win under a single parlay.

This, too, should be pretty easy to understand. If you are having trouble doing so, there are numerous sites offering help through a free parlay calculator. On there, you can just enter the bet amount and the odds offered on the particular outcome, and the computer will do the rest. Most online sportsbooks will do this job for you as well, but utilizing the tools on bettor-friendly sites will help you better understand how the whole system works. Once you get a clue on how the betting odds and lines function, you can move on to placing a bet. At most online operators, you only need to click on the odds offered for a specific outcome to happen and your betting pick would appear in the bet slip (usually on the right side of the page). You should then just enter your stake and select whether to back one pick as a single or two or more bets in a parlay.

Betting markets

Straight moneyline betting is by far the most popular variant. It practically offers you a chance to bet on the match winner (including overtime). However, someone who is new to the world of sports betting may be surprised to see how many additional markets are at his/her disposal. To see those, you only need to click on a specific match you are interested in. The sportsbook will then give you the list of all possible betting markets for that event. The most common ones involve:

  • Totals
  • Spreads
  • Game Props
  • Team Props
  • Player Props
  • Half Lines
  • Quarter Lines

Totals represent the market where you refer to the combined score of both outfits in a game. Sportsbooks will set a certain line and you back whether the teams will together score more or fewer points/goals than the number given by the operators.

Spread betting is used to offer you a wider range of possibilities in matches where favorites take on underdogs. Since there is no point in backing a team to win at very low odds, you can increase the winnings by backing a team to win by a specific number of points/goals. Again, the number is previously set by the sportsbooks.

Game, team, and player props offer a broad range of possibilities where you can back whether a basketball team will score more or fewer three-pointers than the number set by the operators for example. Half lines and quarter lines should be self-explanatory. In this case, you are not interested in the final score but just the score in a specific portion of the game.



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