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7 essential Amazon seller tools for FBA sellers

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An overnight success on Amazon is less likely to happen even with experienced Amazon sellers. Success on Amazon requires long-term effort and dedication. To help you with your goal of obtaining more profit, you will need effective Amazon seller tools to help you manage and optimize your business.

What is an Amazon seller tool?

An Amazon seller tool refers to a suite of applications that Amazon FBA sellers can use to drive sales and maximize the efficiency of their Amazon business. These tools, in general, are unique Amazon features that enhance Amazon sellers’ experience.

Amazon provides its own set of Amazon tools and services, including the Amazon FBA Calculator and Amazon Ads. Moreover, to further improve the performance of FBA sellers, Amazon authorizes the use of third-party Amazon seller tools.

Essential Amazon seller tools for FBA sellers

Since there are numerous Amazon seller tools, some FBA sellers get easily confused about what tools to use and when to use them. To help you learn more about these Amazon seller tools, we have outlined some of the essential FBA tools Amazon sellers must consider to boost their Amazon business.

Amazon feedback software

Amazon is obsessed with customer service, which is why you should let them know through gathering customer feedback. With the help of the Amazon review tool or feedback software, you can boost your seller metrics, which is one of the components checked by Amazon when awarding the Buy Box.

The primary purpose of an Amazon review software is to help FBA sellers gather feedback and enhance their review metrics. One of the highly sought features of Amazon feedback tools is its automated buyer-seller messaging. This feature automates requests for feedback and product reviews from customers.

Specific third-party review software such as FeedbackWhiz can help you acquire and maintain positive Amazon product review ratings.

Inventory management tools

Amazon sellers, especially high-volume FBA sellers, should always ensure that products are available in their inventory. Sellers may use inventory management software to avoid running out of stock or errors in order details.

This Amazon seller tool is designed to cater to inventory management on a single platform while automating the process. Inventory management software can help you save time and increase the profitability of your Amazon business while imparting customer satisfaction.

Amazon advertising tools

Amazon advertising is crucial in increasing store engagement and conversion rate. For your advertising needs, you can rely on Amazon Ads.

Amazon offers multiple advertising solutions to Amazon sellers; each has its own specific purpose. Currently, the most popular advertising products of Amazon are the Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Sponsored Products by Amazon aims to highlight specific products of Amazon FBA sellers. This Amazon advertising tool helps customers quickly find your product on the Amazon website. On the other hand, Sponsored Brands by Amazon aims to increase brand visibility by featuring your brand logo and custom headline on Amazon search results.

Amazon repricer

The Amazon algorithm evaluates multiple components when awarding the Amazon Buy Box. Price is one of these components that sellers should optimize if they wish to win more Buy Box.

For high-volume Amazon sellers, the use of an automated repricing software is beneficial. AI repricers can automate the repricing process while adjusting your listing price to a competitive level.

Furthermore, this type of Amazon Repricer can help you automate the repricing process of your listings to give you more time to perform other essential aspects of your business.

An AI algorithmic Amazon repricer like Seller Snap can help you with your pricing strategy and award you with more Buy Box share. To meet your specific business goals, you can also combine AI algorithmic repricing with predefined price rules.

Optimization tools

Nearly 3 out of 4 customers use Amazon to search for new products or brands. Hence, Amazon sellers must find ways to make their products appear on the first page of the Amazon SERP.

For your listing to rank on the search result pages of Amazon, you should see to it that your listing is optimized correctly. By optimization, it would mean using high-ranking keywords and relevant keywords based on search volume.

To increase the discoverability of your listing, you can use listing optimization tools with a keyword processor, listing optimizer, and keyword index checker. Amazon seller tools such as Helium 10, Sellics, and Ahrefs can help you optimize your listing for better ranking.

Amazon FBA calculator

Understanding Amazon fees and costs are vital for the success of your Amazon FBA venture. The Amazon FBA calculator can give you a better understanding of the costs involved in running your business. Apart from this, the FBA revenue calculator can also help you gauge the profitability of your Amazon product.

Product research tools

Every Amazon seller must learn to use a product research tool. This software can make your product research more convenient and efficient. Using a tool like this can provide you with reliable and extensive data on potential inventory products available in the market.

In general, an Amazon product research tool can give credible information, including product demand, supply, costs, and competition. Therefore, giving you a valid reference point to make more reasonable business decisions.

Amazon seller tools deliver functionality and convenience to Amazon FBA sellers. The Amazon tools and applications mentioned above operate to drive value towards the different aspects of your Amazon business, including but not limited to optimization, brand management, analysis, pricing, marketing, sales, and customer service. Hence, they are considered essential Amazon seller tools.

Success beyond tools

Despite the existence and continuous updates of Amazon seller tools, sellers should not rest the success of their business solely on software and applications. Some sellers incorrectly assume that tools and apps can perfectly manage every aspect of their Amazon business.

It is worth noting that no matter how advanced these tools and software are, they cannot replace your decision-making function. You utilize these seller tools to streamline your business and provide you with accurate data to help you arrive at a well-informed decision.

The Amazon seller tools simply complement your eCommerce management skills and effort as an entrepreneur to succeed in the highly competitive eCommerce industry.


Story by Junel Ayala. Ayala is Seller Snap’s in-house content writer. Junel comes with experience in Ecommerce and enjoys researching and reporting on all things Amazon-related, including selling on Amazon and repricing.



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