news 10 interesting moving industry statistics for 2019

10 interesting moving industry statistics for 2019

Are you planning to move this year? Or any time soon? Perhaps you are thinking about going into the moving industry business? If you have answered any of these questions with a ”yes”, maybe it will be interesting for you to know about the moving industry statistics for this year. That way, you will know what to pay attention to whether you are moving, or just trying to lead a successful business. The fact is that people move every day, and they are getting more and more mobile. They decide to relocate mostly for the purpose of a new job. However, there are more freelancers every year and they don’t have to move for a job. But still, they enjoy changing locations and residences. And, of course, there are always people who decide to move so they could be closer to their families. So, this industry is bound to progress.

What are the 10 interesting moving industry statistics for 2019?

Did you know that, in the past ten years, about 40 million people have moved on average per year in the United States? A large number of them, more than 4/5, have moved within the same state, while the rest have moved to another state, and only a little over 2% of people have moved to another country. That goes to show just how popular moving actually is and that it is something that happens every day, everywhere around you.

But, unless you have moved recently, you are probably not familiar with moving industry statistics. And that is why we are here, to let you know. If you are starting your own company, what do you need to know? Apart from learning how your small business can improve social media presence and reach potential clients, you need to know the trends. It would be silly to force something that is out of date, right?

That is why we are bringing you 10 Interesting moving industry statistics.

1. People who own homes move less often than renters

This is not really a surprising fact, right? It is much more complicated to move if you are the owner since you have a lot more stuff to do than just pack your things and hire a moving company. Firstly, you need to be able to find a buyer for your home, and then to find and organize your new place of living. Of course, people still do it, just less often than the ones who are not burdened with owners tax. However, of those people who are renting, only 7.3% are moving into their own home, while about 16% of all people (renters and owners) are deciding to move into their own home. There are also those who are moving because they want cheaper accommodation, and they make up 8.3% of all movers.

2. The most popular day for moving is Friday

Moving industry statistics show that the other two most popular days are Saturday and Monday. Friday is a logical solution, especially if people are moving somewhere close. They don’t want to miss many work days. So, they relocate on a Friday, and then they have a whole weekend to sort everything out in their new place. They might even have a free Sunday to rest, go to church or just read some good online magazine. After that, it is much easier to go back to work. However, Monday is also popular among the people who had taken the whole week off from work, in order to move somewhere a little further. Then, they have the rest of the week to sort things out and, on Monday, they are fresh at work.

3. More than one-third of moves happen in the summer

People usually move from May to September, due to the weather conditions, of course. Also, those are the months when most people use their vacation days, so they come in handy. June is the most popular month when around 13% of all relocations take place.

We all know that rain and snow are the enemies of any relocation, so it’s no wonder people try to avoid winter and autumn months. Actually, the least number of moves happen in December, only 6% of all relocations. People tend to avoid holiday seasons, which is understandable. However, the prices are higher during the summer months, so if you are planning to move, maybe consider some other time in order to save money.

4. On average local movers charge $25 per hour

While we are on the subject of prices, this is one of the more useful moving industry statistics to know. Of course, since this is just an approximation, you should know that prices depend on many things. Whether you are moving in the slow season or not could potentially land you some nice discounts. Also, it depends on the items you are moving – for special ones, the prices are higher. Moreover, the price will depend on whether you are moving locally or not. So, if you are one of the people moving from Virginia to distant places, and not locally, prepare a different budget. For an interstate move, moving industry statistics say that people on average spend around $4,300.

5. People move mostly their household goods

Moving industry statistics show that more than 70% of people move their household belongings, which is not unusual, as we know that individuals relocate more often than businesses. Around 20% of moves contain office equipment, computers, and electronics. And, there are also trade shows and exhibits with a 6% stake.

6. The average mover is a couple aged 18-34 with kids

This is also not a mystery. People at this age are searching for a place in the world for themselves. Both metaphorically and literally. They are changing jobs and homes in order to find a perfect place for them and their growing family. These couples usually have one or two kids. As they get older or have more children, they tend to slow down the moving.

7. Almost half of the companies in the moving industry employ 5 people or less

The moving industry statistics show that the majority of moving companies are very small. That means you will have no problem starting a business on your own, and you have good chances of succeeding. If you decide on that, try to use the advantages of animated videos for your marketing strategy, in order to approach your clients. After that, your work should speak for itself.

8. There are around 7,000 moving companies in the US

Even though the majority are very small, they employ more than 122,000 people. Less than 1/10 employ more than 100 people, so the market consists pretty much of small companies. However, the whole moving industry contains more than 16,000 companies. It experiences growth every year, which moving industry statistics predict to continue.

9. More people move by themselves

The moving industry statistics show that most people decide to relocate on their own, without the help of moving professionals. That can be explained with the fact that people are usually moving somewhere close. Whoever needs to relocate a whole household or business to some remote location usually hires professionals to help.

10. The most common reason for moving is the wish for a better home

Which is good, because it means that people prosper while moving. Other big reasons include wanting to own a place and relocation due to a new job. The lowest number of people relocate for retirement and natural disasters.


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