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Key ways that you can set up a professional home studio for under $500

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If you are a new and aspiring singer, guitarist, or producer who is looking to set up a home studio without breaking the bank, you are not alone. Many aspiring musicians and people in the music industry need to use professional recording without having to pay thousands of dollars per day in a professional recording studio. After all, you are new in the industry, this is money that you do not have.

But how can you record high-quality songs with top-notch sound if you are using your own home space? Even though this can seem impossible, you can find budget ways to set up a home studio that is ideal for recording your first album and churning out your first single. Let’s see a few methods that you can use to keep your studio budget as low as possible and still use professional equipment. Click here to read more about home studios.

Essentials that are needed in your home studio: Use producer confidential for studio advice


The first aspect that you need to set up your home studio is a computer. Although this can typically be expensive, you can simply use the laptop that you already have if you’re starting as a beginner. The best way that you can use your laptop is by adding music software that helps you record tracks, edit songs, and save your music. If you have a MacBook, then you’re good to go. Not sure what software to purchase? Read articles regarding music software and apps or producer confidential to choose the perfect one for you.

Digital audio workstation

The second piece of equipment that is a must-have for your home studio is a digital audio workstation. This is the technology you will use to help record your songs, put your ideas to fruition, and experiment with new sounds.. You can use the digital audio workstation in tandem with your laptop to record music, use new and unique ideas, and add instruments that you do not have access to. Typically, you will find that a digital audio workstation costs around $100-$200.

Audio interface

The next aspect you should consider using for your professional home studio is the audio interface. The audio interface lets you record your singing and any instruments to the rhythm section of your song. By using the audio interface, you can create the integrated sound of your first song. Typically, this type of technology will cost between $400 and $500, but you can find used versions online that are a few years old, costing you only $100 or less.

If you want a cheaper option than the audio interface, you can use a simpler interface that costs between $100 and $150. By using the two-channel interface, you can avoid any complicated technology and have a less expensive alternative for your first songs.


As you can see, setting up your home studio for under $500 is totally doable. All you need is rig equipment and some “sound” advice from a confidential producer on how to make your hit song.

Story by Brad Bernanke