Is Rehab Center PT/OT for seniors necessary?

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After an accident or injury, the seniors lose their mobility, and due to their slow healing ability, resuming normal daily activities can get delayed. However, if you are going through a similar situation, you can join Rehab Center PT/OT for Seniors at Primary Medical Care to restore your mobility and recover from accidents and diseases. The rehab centers play a crucial role in the lives of the seniors as these help them find new motivation and regain the strength and ability to move. The seniors do not like being dependent on others as it affects them psychologically. So to restore their confidence and make them self-dependent, it is ideal to resort to physical therapy and occupational therapy.

It is essential to join a reputed rehab center where the expert professionals are experienced in their fields and have the proper knowledge for handling the situation of older adults. Proper physical therapy and occupational therapy can bring a profound change in the lifestyle of the senior. For instance, if an adult suffers from a lack of strength in limbs caused due to an accident or a surgery that hinders mobility, physical therapy can immensely help him. This therapy gradually builds up the strength in the legs and arms and helps to restore moving ability. In cases of minor issues in the arms and legs, they mostly fully get back their original power, but in severe accidents, the full functionality of limbs may or may not be restored. Nonetheless, physical therapy improves the situation and slowly builds the patient’s mental strength as well.

Occupational therapy is crucial in helping seniors to return to their everyday lives. After losing mobility, even the simple chores seem difficult for the seniors, like preparing food, doing the dishes, cleaning the room, or performing personal tasks like going to the bathroom, taking a shower, etc. The purpose of occupational therapy is to assist disabled seniors in learning how to be independent again and understand the new methods of doing things. The occupational therapists scaffold the seniors and guide them to perform these activities while overcoming their hindrances, but they do not do the tasks for the adults. It again instills in the adults the significance of being independent. Gradually the adults learn how to do household works and daily activities irrespective of their difficulties.

Benefits of PT/OT

It plays a vital role in injury recovery, and the patient can slowly get back to his original life and restart activities of daily existence. The physical therapist works tirelessly with the elderly patient to enable his injury to heal fast. The therapist also focuses on helping the patient get back the flexibility of limbs and sense of motion. Right after the injury, when the patient is admitted to the hospital, a few days after that, the physical therapist starts his therapy, and it continues till the patient goes home from the hospital, till the patient acquires movement abilities. Older adults are also susceptible to falls, and falling accidents pose a serious threat to their lives. Physical therapy can also help in fall prevention, and it is helpful in the case of seniors who are prone to falling due to problems in mobility. The therapists work on the patients’ perception of mobility and balance. Physical therapy aims to improve body movement, and occupational therapy boosts motor skills, strength, and coordination to help do chores. The success of these therapies depends on the degree of damage caused by the injury. However, the therapies initiate the healing process and prevent future complexities.

The rehab centers also have at-home services where they send their expert physical and occupational therapists directly to the patient’s home. In most cases, disabled patients can not travel to the rehab center. However, the process might prove lengthy if the patient suffers from severe injuries, and so the services are included in the insurance plans, thereby making it easily affordable.


The physical and occupational therapists of the clinics pay close attention to each patient and work hard to treat the condition of the adults so that they can return to daily life activities and are not isolated because of the disability. Rehab Center PT/OT for Seniors is thus highly beneficial for the senior citizens and rehabilitates the person and gives him the strength and confidence to brave the odds. Learn more about Primary Medical Care Centers: A Family Affair, Driven by Faith, via this Haiti Open Magazine interview.

Story by Rad Hika

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