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How to write essays in time: 6 time management tricks

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If you are a student or run a college essay writing service, you know the stress of writing essays. The pressure increases even more when you have to meet a deadline. But you probably also have many things to do like catching up on extracurricular activities, maintaining friendships, doing assignments, and having a part-time job. And amidst all these responsibilities, how will you finish your essay on time?

We have compiled some tricks that we have used over time to help you submit essays on time. Let’s find out what those tricks are all about.

1. Plan your day

As a writer, you should create a list of things you hope to achieve daily. We recommend that you plan your day the night before or right before you start classes. On your list, write the time you will be spending on each activity. Include your lectures (if you have any), time with friends, your job, and every other thing you have to do.

Then, create time for writing; clear up an hour or two from your schedule. You can spend that time brainstorming, writing the draft for your essay or building on existing ideas. The hours will add up quickly, and a few hours per week will produce remarkable results for your writing. If you want to make the planning process easy, you can also get a time management worksheet for college students.

2. Take a break

Since you’re reading this article to learn how to write more efficiently, it may sound counterproductive to suggest that you take some time off writing to have a rest. But it would help if you took breaks in between writing.

If you write for hours without resting, you can burn out and face writers’ block. So while writing, take a break and gather your thoughts. However, the recess should not be longer than 20 minutes because the longer it lasts, the faster you lose the motivation to write.

Just to be clear, watching an hour-long documentary is not a break, and neither is playing video games. A break should relax you and serve as an interlude. Watching TV and gaming can be so engaging that these entertaining pauses will take your focus off the essay in front of you.

3. Switch off your phone

Before you start writing, switch your phone off. Many things on your phone will distract you if you are not tracking time. But with your phone off, you will have enough time to focus on your essay.

With effective time management, essay writing will be easier. The time you spend scrolling through your newsfeed or chatting with friends can be redirected into writing your essay. If you don’t want to switch off your phone in case of an emergency, you can disconnect it from your WiFi or turn on the DND mode.

4. Eat well

When you eat well, you will have the energy to go through your day. Yes, fast food and junk are more convenient when you have a deadline to beat, but it would help if you ditch your candy bar for an apple in the long run. Eating foods like dark chocolate, fish, whole grains, etc., will help your brain and retain information, thus improving your efficiency and helping you save time.

5. Leverage your productive periods

Some people are night owls, while others are early birds. Find out at what time of the day you are more productive and work on your essay then. If you are a morning person, wake up early and get to work, while night owls should stay up late to write better. Don’t try to change your habits just because people think that there is a specific time to be productive, and working based on the public’s opinion will slow you down.

6. Sleep well

Sleep is vital for our health and productivity. You may be wondering how to sleep well when you have many things to do. But trust us when we say that you should include at least 7 hours of sleep into your daily activities.

Trying to pull too many all-nighters while writing is counterproductive as you will often stay awake without achieving much. Meanwhile, when you sleep properly, you will spend less time nodding off while writing due to lack of sleep. In the long run, sleeping at specific times will set your biological clock, thus preventing you from over-sleeping and missing deadlines.


If you write essays, you understand the struggles of managing your time properly. But you should also know that time management is achievable if you put your mind to it. Create a written plan, rest and eat well, and take frequent breaks while writing. If you follow the time management tips above, you will hardly have reasons to miss an essay deadline again.

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