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How to transcribe Zoom meetings

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If we are talking about transcribing Zoom meetings, you might be thinking about manual transcription like you usually do. Well, we both know that this conventional method is not effective at all. Thanks to the advancement of technology, now we can reap the benefits of using an automated transcription tool. Speaking of which, Notiv zoom meeting transcription is the one that we’d like to show off.

The automated transcription service Notiv

The automated transcription service called Notiv is now easily integrated directly into Zoom calls to transcribe and record the meetings on the go.

During the meeting, one will not need to exhaust their fingers conducting manual transcription. All of these tasks are replaced effectively by the Notiv app.

You can integrate Notiv directly into the Zoom app. It will join with Zoom as a participant. You will notice it in the Zoom participants section under the name “Notiv.” That is the cue that the app has already joined the meeting and is recording everything there.

The Notiv app effectively transcribes the recordings of the Zoom meetings in real time. Once it is activated, it will start capturing the moments in the meeting from start to finish. The live transcription feature indeed makes business progress much quicker and more effectively. You can effectively participate in the meeting without worrying about the meeting notes.

Notiv comes with free and paid options. If you are not up to spending a single dime on a helpful service, you could try its free account. But it comes with some limitations. You will need to upgrade your account to a paid one to unlock all of the important features.

You can find the full instructions on how to set it up for the live recording and transaction in your zoom on its official page.

Record and transcribe in real time with Notiv.

As mentioned, you can get started for free. With Zoom, you can transcribe the meetings with ease, without any hassle or fuss. It only involves three steps, and you are done.

The first step is to add the meeting to your calendar so that Notiv will notice the meeting and join your meeting later.

The next step is to turn Notiv on for the meeting. When it is turned on, it will run in the background.

The next thing to do is to start the meeting. Notiv will automatically record and transcribe the meeting as it goes. In the end, you will receive the records and transcripts, alongside the other important components such as summaries and key points.

You can easily retrieve the Zoom audio transcript with action items. You could easily review your meeting just by looking at its highlights. When you have Notiv in your project, you won’t have to struggle to maximize the meeting results.

If you think that you haven’t found a particular topic in the result, you can also use its search feature to search within the meeting. You just need to type in the particular keyword and Notiv will refer you to the results quickly. Finish with the note taking. The transcription and recordings are sharable. Isoplate the information that you want to share, and share it with the important people in the project.

Besides Zoom Meeting, Notiv can also integrate with other apps such as Google Meet, WebEX, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, and many more.

If you have ever used colaboration tool like Google Docs before, then it is also easy for you to use the sharing the editable or read-only version documents of the meeting. With such flexibility, you can also pick the correct information that you are about to share with the particular users. You can easily differ the isolated information for your clients, as well as for your colleagues.

Notiv also allows you to export the files to your CRM, where you can then use them to improve your products and services. Notiv can record all audio and video. So, if you need both of them, you can also retrieve them for good.

The transcription of the Notiv has been available from any device. You can see how to export the meeting on its official page.

Why Notiv?

There is a good reason to start transcribing your Zoom meetings with the help of the Notiv app.

As we know, the progressive meeting is hard to get because there are many slits where people can get distracted and forget the main points of the meeting.

Effective meetings should end with great summaries and clear key points. These will later be transformed into the next steps in your project agenda. But in all meeting sessions, you can’t always rely on one single person’s notes to capture every important thing.

Here is where the Notiv app steps in to help.

When real discussion happens in the meeting online, you will need to participate fully. The interactions with the other team members are the key to the success of the conference. Rather than risking missing something because of the manual note-taking task, you can rely on the Notiv app to capture every voice in the room and transcribe it. Using Notiv in the background is the best way to get all of the details without wasting your time and effort in the process. After the meeting ends, you will receive the complete files.

Saving the meetings on video, audio, and text will give you immediate access to the big picture of the meeting. We cannot neglect the fact that most of us are visual learners. Therefore, you can also retrieve the video files of the meeting to see the visual cues. The key points and executive summaries offered by the software at the end of the session can also help you review and revisit the result of the meeting.

The Notiv app will write down every main point and the key details of the meeting. That way, you will not miss a single detail in the meeting.

You see, your online meetings can be more productive without struggling. Let Notiv do the transcription and recording for you.

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