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Do you find it difficult to stay awake without another double espresso? You are not alone. For many of us, adjusting to growing workloads and new responsibilities is a challenge. Sometimes, everyone needs a quick burst of energy. Fortunately, caffeine is not the only way to achieve it.

Feeling refreshed is impossible without a proper sleep pattern. If you sleep for 6 hours per night consistently (instead of the recommended 7-8), this affects your memory, brain function, and mood. There are many ways to get an uplifting sensation (check this link for suggested products), but they are not always on hand, and sleep is still important. Here are a few tips that may help you feel more awake.

1. Start by making your bed

This may sound weird, but making your bed can help you feel more energized. The simple task still requires some coordination — enough to make your brain more awake. Besides, it is the first checkmark off your to-do list. Coming home to a bed that is made, rather than a crumpled mess, feels much better.

2. Open your blackout shades

Unless you have had an especially difficult and exhausting week, let the sunlight wake you up naturally. Exposure to natural light signals to the brain that it is time to wake up. If you cannot resist blackout shades, open them as soon as you get up, so your body can adapt.

3. Do some exercise

Exercising in the morning improves focus, productivity, and mood. Even if a few minutes of light cardio helps the brain become more alert. You get a rush of endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for boosting mood, relieving stress and pain (check this company website for some alternatives). Physical activity will make you feel more alert.

4. Shake up your routine

Try drinking cold water — it will alert your brain and wake up your metabolism. Your body will heat up the water, which improves hydration and restores energy. A cold shower will also alert your sensations. In fact, this is the most effective way to get rid of drowsiness. The healthy shock wakes up all the nerve tracts in the body.

5. Take a quick walk

Midday fatigue is typical for people who have desk jobs. If you are feeling sluggish at the beginning of your work day, take a brief walk. Just to walk around the neighborhood to replenish some energy. This will also improve your mood and enthusiasm.

6. Upgrade your lunch

Do not resort to fast food just because you are in a hurry. Too much carbs, fats, and sugars will make you feel drowsy. Instead, opt for veggies, fruits, protein, and grains.

To conclude

There are many ways to make your brain more alert, from sunlight to cold showers. Still, nothing can replace a good night’s sleep. Make sure your basic needs are met. No uplifting methods may compensate for a long-term lack of sleep.

Story by Alexandra Griffin

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