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How did Hiro Ando introduce his iconic Samurai Cats in the NFT space

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Hiro Ando, the iconic Japanese artist, has finally come up with a new non-fungible token that would allow art lovers to invest in various types of artwork. The NFT will be available under Studio Crazy NOOdles that was founded by Hiro Ando and Saori Nakamishi back in 2005. Now, they also have an additional partner, Steve Aoki, one of the biggest fans of Hiro Ando’s works. The trio believes that Samurai Cats, the token from Crazy Noodles Gang will make rapid progress among art lovers, and other investors may soon want to collect Hiro Ando’s original collections because of the many benefits that the token offers.

Hiro Ando’s latest artwork

Before the launch of Samurai Cats, Hiro Ando had decided to start a new series of artworks that people would love to buy if they wanted to become members of the CNG. Instead of resorting to Japan’s iconic characters, such as Maneki-Neko, the lucky cat, sumo wrestlers, koi fish, and samurai warriors, the veteran artist took to the streets to draw inspiration for his latest pieces. Since this project aimed to digitalize art, he wanted to do something that the modern audience would relate to.

Hiro Ando’s new collection of artwork aligns with Samurai Cat’s theme – to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds. In this case, people would be able to collect Samurai Cats if they buy an original digital collection from Hiro Ando. According to the Crazy NOOdle Gang, it would not only promote Japanese artwork but also make art lovers want to invest in something that they love so passionately.

Steve Aoki’s involvement with Samurai Cats

Japan saw a new wave of pop art since Hiro Ando came into the picture. He was the first artist to combine the traditional Eastern and Western pop culture with the Japanese mass culture without making his creations look out of place. One of his signature sculptures, Maneki-Neko was sold at 150,000 Euros. Steve Aoki considers himself a lucky man to have acquired that rare sculpture, and ever since then, he had become a fan of Hiro Ando. He believes that the Samurai Cat sculpture protects him from various evil spirits.

The success of Samurai Cats

The founders are confident that Samurai Cats will start a revolution in Japanese art, showcasing it in front of the whole world and making it more accessible than ever. They have already released 4747 Samurai Cats during their first digital sale. The developers of this token had earlier confirmed that the digital tokens would guarantee authentic artwork from Hiro Ando. In fact, the tokens would allow you and the artist to navigate between both worlds so that there is a healthy discussion regarding the future of the NFT.

Samurai Cats comes with a host of benefits for investors, such as commercial and ownership rights on every NFT, invitation to various events and exclusive auctions, special benefits if you own Hiro Ando’s physical artworks, and access to Galerie Club, a metaverse with tons of exciting features for members. If you want to enjoy these facilities, invest in Samurai Cats NFTs and even get a chance to own a Hiro Ando original.

If you can’t wait to become an owner of a Samurai Cat NFT, visit OpenSea to check out the digital collection. Don’t forget to follow the official Twitter and Discord channel as well so you wouldn’t miss out on important announcements and events.

Story by Jim Bevin

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