hackworth announces legislation to ban abortion in virginia

Travis Hackworth announces legislation to ban all abortions in Virginia

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Republican State Sen. Travis Hackworth announced today that he will patron a bill that will “protect life at conception” in next year’s General Assembly.

Well, that didn’t take long.

The supermajority conservative Supreme Court just overturned five decades of legal precedent on abortion rights this morning at 10 a.m.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin, less than an hour later, declared that “Virginians want fewer abortions, not more abortions,” and that he would lead political efforts to “chart the most successful path forward” in the abortion area.

Hackworth’s email was timestamped 1:06 p.m. Friday.

“No society can be deemed civil when it murders and discards its babies because they are deemed inconvenient,” Hackworth said. “I applaud the Supreme Court for staying the course and ignoring the immense bullying and intimidation they received from the radical left to repeal Roe vs Wade. I am proud to lead the efforts in the Virginia Senate to patron this important legislation that will protect life and ensure Virginia leads the way in providing a dignified and respected future for all Virginians – from conception to old age.”

Hackworth represents the 38th Senate District, which is based in the Roanoke Valley.

His Senate bio page lists him as being Pentecostal, which is not surprising.

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