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Foosball table guide

foosball table

If you visited a pub or game rooms, then you have already seen the Foosball Table. And In case you have already liked this popular table game, then one thing for sure – the Foosball table will be a great addition to your home game room.

Foosball Table game, aka full size table football, has been popular in arcades & bars for decades. Playing this table game with friends & family will give you hours and hours of enjoyable entertainment & fun moments. You can also do intense competition against friends because this game supports both two or four players.

Now, there are various models of foosball tables available on the market. As we know, not every one of them is suitable for your home.

That’s why we created this Foosball Table Guide so that you can find the perfect suitable one that suits your taste & have all the necessary features you will end up needing.

Keep reading this article to find out more.

Proper foosball table guide before purchasing

Our suggestion is to get familiar with the features a Foosball table offers before buying this table game. Suppose you will purchase this table game machine for your home but liked the one suitable for pubs.

Dimensions and size

Most of the foosball table is based on the official tournament dimension standard. A full-sized table is 56” long & 30” wide with 15cm gaps between foosball table rods.

Forty inches long tables are ideal for four players & the advantage of long tables is no one has to wait for turns.

Also, the height of the table is another consideration because younger kids can’t play around smoothly on high tables. So, before purchasing for playing at home, consider the specifics of your family.

Build materials

Which material is used for making the foosball table? Because it’s going to impact several aspects of it.

First of all, the longevity & how much sturdy this game table will be depends on the material. Metal or wood is always stronger than plastic in this case. The cost of the table depends on the build material also. A fused material – Pressboard can be strong enough for everyday use depending on which wood is used.

Low-quality build materials can lead to playability problems; especially, you cannot turn the rods quickly. On the table surface, the balls could fly off while moving rods because of those bumps.

So, before purchasing a foosball table, check the build materials of it. Low-priced game tables might give you a low-quality composite foosball table.

Table exterior quality

Before getting a foosball table, you can check the table’s exterior quality from the product description. Lamination on table surfaces is far better than stick-on designs. Normally, stick-on decals on particleboard table can peel & roll up.

Another consideration about table exterior quality is speed. On the smoother & harder exterior, the ball will travel fast during gameplay. Solid wood finish results in slower ball travel, but this gameplay is for professionals.

  • American table has a hard & smooth finish.
  • European table has a solid wood finish.

If you want to play like professionals, then quick ball travel boards like tornado foosball table will be your liking.

Decent playing rods

There are several types of playing rods available. Rods made of steel are popular because they are durable. Hollow rods are another variation used in high-end tables, but they are lighter in weight.

Reduced weight of hollow rods makes super-fast shots, while steel rods are good too in the mid-level foosball tables. While getting a table, focus on solid steel rods or hollow rods if it’s a high-end table, otherwise avoid other rods.

Table leveler

To keep the gameplay fair, table levelers are a necessity. Without a table leveler, the table might lean to one side always, giving an advantage to a competitor.

While searching for a foosball table, keep in mind to look for one with any levers to keep the game fair. There are few types of levers, but the main function is the same.

Safety feature

Safety is something not to ignore in any situation, whether the foosball table is at the workplace or home.

Playing Rods without the handles on the rod end can harm fingers. Especially, kids might get hurt if there is no rod handle protection. Also, a ball recovery system is necessary because no one likes to reach the table to grab the ball out of the goal.

Goalie information

There are two variations of the Foosball table; one is single-man goalies, another is three-person goalies.

  • S.A. tables feature three-person goalies mostly.
  • In U.K. tables, single-man goalies are prioritized more.

For a fast-paced game, a three-person goalies setup is the best. On the other hand, single man goalies require skill & precision.

For kids & beginners, three-person goalie tables are preferred. For building skills, single-man goalies will help you to become better.

*NoteHigh-end three-person goalies table can be converted to one-person goalie set up easily.

The frequently asked questions

How do I choose a foosball table?

Ans – Look for some features – smaller size, solid wood built/fiberboard built, don’t focus on extra features & tabletop models are worth considering while choosing a foosball table.

How much is a used foosball table worth?

Ans – A used foosball table selling or buying price varies on a lot of factors. From a general perspective, while purchasing a used foosball table, you can save 20% – 50% of the original table price.

What is the best foosball table brand?

Ans – There is no direct winner of best foosball table brand. But worth mentioning, top brands Tornado, Kick Topaz, Shelti & Garlando are popular among foosball table makers.

What is a standard size for a foosball table?

Ans – Standard full-sized foosball table is about 56 inches long. Fifty-four inches long tables are considered a smaller version of full-sized tables.


Now you are ready to get a foosball table & know exactly what to look for. After reading the Foosball Table Guide, you can go to the market confidently & find a suitable game table for your home.

Our little suggestion is – consider the necessary points before purchasing so that you can get the best-suited foosball table at a decent price.

Good luck with Game fun.

Story by James Williams

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