E-cigarettes 101: what makes your device tick

e-cigarettesTraditional cigarettes are the past. E-cigarettes are the latest trend, and it appears that they are here to stay. The devices come in different forms and shapes, and you can find one that matches your style. Even if you have experience with vaping, you might not be aware of all the technical aspects.

Therefore, today we will talk about what goes inside your e-cigarettes. Learn what are the components of your device and how they work together.


The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette which heats the e-liquid and transforms it into vapor. It is a tiny metal tube with a threaded end. On the other end the atomizer receives the e-liquid through a container system.


Apparently, the atomizer needs to be powered by something, and that is why we have the battery. This component is the most significant part of the e-cigarette and you can find in available in different types. There are rechargeable batteries, as well as batteries similar to the AA ones.


The vape juice is basically the soul of the electronic cigarette. It is available in different flavors and it has various levels of nicotine. It is up to you to choose which taste you prefer, as there are multiple options available, from fruity ones to sweet flavors.

Not smoking

Some people still confuse smoking with vaping, but there is a clear difference. When you are smoking something has to burn, for e-cigs people are just inhaling vapors.

Mouthpiece or drip tip

This part can be found in different shapes, models and made out of various materials, including steel, plastic, aluminum or glass. The mouthpiece is placed atop of the cartomizer or atomizer and the vapor is drawn to this.

You will need to activate the electronic cigarette by pressing a button. That button is the one who activates the atomizer and the heat turns the e-juice into vapors. There are also devices which are activated by taking a drag out of them.


The separate atomizer design has an alternative which is a cartomizer. This piece combines the heating coil, the e-liquid tank and the atomizer. There is a wick system that delivers the e-liquid to the atomizer, which is different from the classical system where the liquid is dripping directly onto the heating coil.


If a device has separate atomizers cartridges have the same function as e-juice tanks. The juice is delivered through the hole at one end of the cartridge. However, there are some drawbacks to this as well, because the heat of the atomizer can cause leaking by affecting the hole.

Switching to e-cigarettes

There are numerous benefits when it comes to e-cigarettes. For example, you will end up saving money. That is because the cost of cigarettes is on a constant rise and a pack can reach $11 or $12. Additionally, e-cigarettes don’t use the carcinogenic compounds that exist when it comes to burning tobacco, and it does not have the same chemical either.


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