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Colby Lee Burke shares why Hilton Head should be on your travel list this year

Hilton Head, South Carolina is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the South. There are other cities which are larger and more well-known. Tourists will certainly flock to Charleston and Myrtle Beach at the beginning of summer. But the town’s food scene, accommodations, and sleepy atmosphere are all reasons why vacationing families and individuals should consider Hilton Head for their next vacation.

Great restaurants

Hilton Head has many of the best restaurants in the South. Several of these restaurants reflect the local Sea Islands cuisine that predominates in coastal South Carolina. These restaurants provide great meals for the entire family or for discerning diners. There are steakhouses, seafood restaurants, and upscale Italian and Southern restaurants. Many of these restaurants serve local cuisine from farms and from the Atlantic Ocean. Colby Lee Burke Hilton Head suggests that individuals contact a local travel consultant in order to learn what restaurants require reservations. In some particular instances, a hot new restaurant may book up days or weeks in advance.

Wonderful accommodations

Hilton Head has one of the highest concentrations of upscale hotels of anywhere in South Carolina. It is an island with a number of resorts owned by prominent companies that many Americans have heard of. High-end resorts contain games, several pools, and a wide assortment of hotels all contained within a complex of buildings. For those families who want to forgo the resort experience, there are prominent chain hotels that cater to families and individuals as well. Hotels located throughout Hilton Head have a wide range of amenities.

Smaller hotels have pools and room service. Larger hotels have amenities ranging from spas to golf courses. Any individual interested in booking one of these hotels on a peak day or weekend should inquire early. The entire island fills up months in advance for famed weekends such as Independence Day and Memorial Day. Colby Lee Burke Hilton Head suggests that any individual wanting to book around those times should call either hotels or a travel agency. They need to work quickly in order to secure the best rooms at the best price.

A serene location

Hilton Head is in many ways a particularly serene area to visit. It is an island located off of the South Carolina coast in a mostly rural area. Islands and towns only half an hour away are almost entirely rural. There are no major metropolitan areas within an hour’s drive. The island itself is separated from several tourist-friendly areas in the state. This seclusion allows an individual to soak up the sun and play as many rounds of golf as they want without the stress of city streets or rush hour traffic. The island is also quieter than many other vacation destinations located close to high-traffic areas. That lack of sound allows individuals to absorb a band or the sounds of nature much more easily than in cities.


Hilton Head has not yet reached the level of exponential growth of areas such as Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach. Its eventual growth is limited by its unique geography and status as a limited island. But its pristine beaches and award-winning accommodations become more popular every year. Families should do their research, work with a travel consultant, and plan ahead in order to ensure that their Hilton Head vacation turns out to be as smooth and exciting as possible.

Author Bio: Douglas Pitassi is a small business blogger and freelance writer.