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Can you get away with a drug test?

drug testEmployers, today, have become extremely critical in the cases of marijuana consumption by their employees. Employees have been scrutinized regularly to ensure that they are undergoing no such practices. However, people love cannabis and marijuana, and this creates a huge rift between the two parties. This is where you can be smart and still be a part of the company’s good book by ensuring ways to cheat a drug test. The test is usually conducted by checking the sample of your urine which gives out the detail of the presence of any such substances in your body.

Getting away

Since you the process, there are two ways of tackling it. The first is to dilute it as much as possible. You must be drinking a lot of water before you give your urine sample to be tested. This will reduce the probability of marijuana detection. It won’t completely do away with it, but it could bring it down to an acceptable percentage. You can even try to pee a couple of times before handing out your sample.

However, there is a far superior way than that which is completely doing away with your urine and giving out a duplicate one. There is synthetic urine available in the market that could easily be purchased. You need to know about how it can act as a substitute by going through websites like Exit-5.Net and many others that give detailed information on their functioning. It is extremely hard for the detectors to differentiate between the synthetic and the original urine samples and you can give them as samples to ensure that you get a positive result once the feedback is out. You have to be careful in buying them, though, since a poor brand choice might not provide you with the consequence that you were hoping for.

What should you be looking at?

When you are going to buy synthetic urine, you have to make sure that it as close to a human error as possible which is determined by certain factors. The first is the pH which should not go below 4.6 and beyond 8. The other parameter that is crucial is the temperature levels of the sample which falls between the ranges of 32 and 38 degrees.

For it to look original to detectors, the urine should not look too diluted or concentrated, and you must see to that when you are buying the product. Additionally, you must see if there is enough uric acid present in synthetic urine which creates the effect of urine apart from urea. The final thing to note here is the colour and smell. If it does not smell right, it is not the product that you should be buying which is applicable even in terms of its presentation.

Therefore, you can easily get away with a drug test, given you are taking the right measures in choosing a good brand of synthetic urine that has all the necessary boxes ticked to make it look like the original one.

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