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Bloc of Democratic House members announce endorsements of Mark Herring in AG re-election bid

mark herring
Mark Herring

This morning, 14 members of the Virginia House of Delegates announced their endorsement of Attorney General Mark R. Herring in his re-election bid.

“Mark Herring is one of my strongest allies in the General Assembly and a hero in the Latino and New American communities for his work on behalf of DREAMer students and efforts to fight the ugly ‘zero tolerance’ policies of the Trump administration,” said Del. Alfonso Lopez. “He worked with me to advocate for an Office of Civil Rights back in 2019 when Republicans still held majorities in the House of Delegates, and continues to be a leader in the fight for equal justice. We need him in the Office of the Attorney General.”

“Attorney General Herring continues to meet the moment, and recognizes what our communities need to thrive” said Del. Delores McQuinn. “I’m confident that as attorney general, he will continue to proactively fight for the crucial protections that keep us safe. I proudly endorse Mark Herring for a third term.”

“Simply put, Mark Herring is the most progressive attorney general in Virginia’s history,” said Del. Rip Sullivan. “He’s broken ground on women’s rights, marriage equality, criminal justice reform, and many other issues of vital importance to Virginians. I’m confident that with four more years, Mark will help Virginia achieve even more unprecedented progress.”

“Each of these delegates have been invaluable to the constituents they serve, and I’m proud to have their support,” Herring said. “Together we’ve done incredible work, and with four more years we’ll push for monumental reforms and continue to build on the progress we’ve made.”

Full list of delegates endorsing Mark Herring for re-election:

  • Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, 41st District
  • House Majority Leader Charniele Herring, 46th District
  • Del. Dawn Adams, 68th District
  • Del. David Bulova, 37th District
  • Del. Betsy Carr, 69th District
  • Del. Karrie Delaney, 67th District
  • Del. Wendy Gooditis, 10th District
  • Del. Alfonso Lopez, 49th District
  • Del. Delores McQuinn, 70th District
  • Del. Ken Plum, 36th District
  • Del. Rip Sullivan, 48th District
  • Del. Mark Sickles, 43rd District
  • Del. Vivian Watts, 39th District
  • Del. Rodney Willet, 73rd District

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