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Attention college grads: Tips to get a job out of college

college graduationThe world is not as simple as it once had been with a variety of people getting jobs right after they walk off of the stage of college graduation. Things have changed immensely as entry-level jobs are now starting to require experience and education. Not many students have the time to work full-time to gain that experience while also juggling a full class load. Getting a job can be easier in many senses as recruiters can call you to help get you set up for an interview. The following are tips that can help you become gainfully employed as soon as possible after graduation.

Internships Are Vital

Internships show that you did not just spend your summer hanging out with friends. This can also be vital in getting an important reference besides the one you have from your summer job in high school. If you are lucky, you might find a paid internship or one looking to scout out talent. This will be your try out at the company, and if you do well, most companies will let you know that there is a spot there after you graduate. Apply to a variety of internships that are related to your major or career path you want to take. You never know which company will get back to you and help shape your professional future.

Find an “In Between” Job

Many people think they are above finding an in-between job before they find the type of employment that they are actually seeking. The majority of these people work in retail or in the service industry. This allows them to interview during the day and work during the night if they choose to do so. This will help reduce the strain on you financially and will allow you to pick the job you want rather than jumping on the first job offered. This can also be a great way to pass the time as unemployment can get old after a week or two once you realize everyone else is at work.

Don’t Be a Jerk on Social Media

Social media is the way that many people express themselves in both negative and positive ways. The fact is that the company looking to hire you is not going to hire someone who posts about partying extremely hard. This even goes for political talk on social media, avoid all of this as you might have a hiring manager looking through your Facebook for any red flags only to see that you think the party they stand with is run by infants. Many people change their names when they are looking for be hired which is a good strategy but deleting your social media besides LinkedIn as a whole might be a good idea until you have found gainful employment. Remember you will be representing your companywith your posts so think about that before you throwback to your crazy spring break from college.

Don’t Be Too Proud To Ask For Help

There are those who do not even know where to start when it comes to getting a job. Looking up resume examples is the perfect place then organizing your professional experience is the next step. The important step is to reach out to anybody and everybody that can help you with getting a job. LinkedIn is the perfect place to ask former colleagues and students you went to school with how they attained employment. Most people have been in this tough situation so more people will be willing to help than you would imagine. Cash in your favors or you could be living with your parents for quite some time!

As you can see, getting a job after college is about staying motivated and proactive. Do not get discouraged by rejections; the job simply was not the right fit. It takes time so be patient and detail oriented when it comes to your search.

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