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Animals from Ukraine are now refugees in Romania

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The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has had an impact on the entire world. Romania is becoming a route of refuge not only for people but also for the animals from Ukraine, traumatized by the war. We are all thinking of the people and animals who are facing unimaginable situations. Many Ukrainians cross Romania’s borders with dogs and cats in their arms, tired after miles of walking. At borders or at the busiest transit points, pets are welcomed with food by associations and NGOs.

Food, deworming products, cages for transporting dogs or cats, blankets – these are just some of the various necessities that volunteers offer to all the people who come with their pets. In addition, the refugees receive up-to-date information on European regulations on the transport and access of animals in different countries. Romania, like many other countries in the European Union, has given the conditions of entry for pets in this situation.

The war in Ukraine is a conflict that affects not only defenseless human beings but also their frightened pets, who are an important part of so many families. And even if some people will not leave the country without their furry friends, many of them are left behind. We must do what we can to bring the animals back to safety.

ROLDA is directly involved in helping animals abandoned in the war and calls for fundraising for shelters in the besieged Ukrainian cities. Thus, through this press release we announce:

  • Our willingness to take in the pets of Ukrainian refugees until they find accommodation to receive them with their pets.
  • Willingness to receive some of the animals in our shelters that are currently in Ukrainian shelters.
  • URGENT fundraising for Ukrainian shelters, which have been left without food in full bombardment.

How do we proceed with taking animals from Ukrainian shelters?

ROLDA also offers to host animals from Ukrainian shelters. Some of these structures can no longer be functional, and the release of animals on the streets at this time cannot be an option, although this could be achieved if there are no more volunteers and resources for their survival. First of all, because in the besieged cities everyone is in danger, both people and animals. Secondly, this would nullify the efforts made so far by local organizations.

We appeal to the people from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova who can help us with the transport of these animals at least to the border of Ukraine – Rep. Moldova (Reni).

Raising funds for shelters in conflict zones

Some of our colleagues in Ukraine (shelter administrators in the neighboring country and volunteers who were involved in helping and mediating the communication) told us that they had no food for the animals for even one day. In this situation, it is difficult to ask the local authorities for help, as their priorities are different now. Local donors can’t help now either because many of the people in these cities have left.

We want to help these shelters. They need to stay open; they need to be able to take care of their animals. For the time being, the shelters in Ukraine are based exclusively on foreign aid. Let’s not disappoint them. The funds raised so far have already been sent to the Korosten, Odessa and Zaporizhezhe shelters for food.

During this period, ROLDA provided financial assistance twice in Korosten and once in Kyiv and Zaporizhezhe. We need help to reach the dogs from shelters in danger of closing because of lack of resources and save the dogs that are in danger of becoming captive in occupied territories. We aim to transfer them to safety at ROLDA where they will get the necessary papers to be transported to our partners in Europe, the US, etc.

For Ukrainians with pets who want to enter Romania

We learned about the Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes in the early hours of the morning, some of them carrying children in their pajamas, running away to the nearest border. Some of them feared that they would not be received in shelters with their pets or that they did not have the means to transport them on a long and difficult journey, sometimes on foot, across the border.

It hurts to think of those animals, suddenly left alone, in full bombardment, without loving owners to take care of them, without food, heat, in an unbearable environment even for the most resilient of people.

Pets should not be left behind

ROLDA has already sent a request to DSV to host these animals until their owners find accommodation for them and their pets. Flyers with this information are distributed at the Giurgiulesti customs, the closest border point to Galati County, where our shelter is located. Although this is a crossing point, it is not yet one of the busiest. Therefore, there are only the information materials that can help the refugees.

Please be generous and spread the word so that no animal in the country in conflict is abandoned in the darkest possible context. For animals in shelters, it is always a matter of life and death. The task of taking over, treating, and adopting stray animals is already difficult enough without bombs, blocked roads, destroyed bridges, closed shops, blocked funds and petrol stations without food resources.

For people whose activity and dedication depends on the lives of hundreds of animals, things have moved to a whole new level of difficulty, and they need all the help they can get. And we will mobilize and help them as much as we can.

For everyone who wants to adopt a dog, we must say that now is the perfect moment. If you adopt a dog from a shelter, you offer the chance to another pet to live in a safe place, at least until we can find the owner.

Story by Mert Gulsoy

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