7 reasons to consider adopting voice technology for your small business

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Voice communication has emerged as the next big thing in the world of digital technology. From Google Assistant searches on Android devices to Apple’s Siri commands on iOS devices, there’s a growing trend of people talking to their smart gadgets and getting real-time responses.

As a business owner in today’s world, it is important and compulsory for you to incorporate voice technology somehow into your business operations. Because, believe it or not, it benefits both your employees and customer base greatly.

In this post, we’re going to show you what those benefits are.

Reasons your business needs voice technology adoption

1. Everyone is embracing voice search

Did you know that not everyone searches for things online via textual search? For so many internet users, it’s far easier to talk to phones and computers than type a block of texts.

In fact, according to a PWC report, over 70% of internet users say they would rather use voice assistants to search for stuff they want to buy.

What does this tell you? That your business needs to adopt the technology that caters to this group of prospects. Otherwise, you risk losing them.

2. It makes customers experience frictionless

How many times have you bought a new product and you’ve had to go online to search for a guide on how to make some of its features work? To make things worse, in some cases, you might even need to scroll, click, type, and swipe for minutes before you find anything useful.

This is a frustrating reality that some of us have had to live with, including your business customers.

Voice technology does away with all the typing, clicking, and swiping. It is faster in providing answers to customers, making the whole customer journey awesomely convenient.

Thanks to recent tech innovations like VOICIFY, many modern brands now have their voice apps integrated with major voice assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, etc.

With these voice app integrations, customers can easily find out anything they want to know about the brand or any of its products by simply asking a direct question on their phone or smart speaker’s voice assistant.

3. It hastens business operations

Voice technology generally streamlines the time spent in executing fundamental business operations. When your employees can find data, complete tasks, send commands, gather clients’ info, or exchange files simply by using their voice, it becomes relatively easier for them to meet set targets.

4. Remotely manage your business

With or without voice technology, any business owner can remotely manage their business operations from anywhere in the world. That’s how far human beings have come in terms of tech advancements.

However, voice technology makes the process a lot easier and more seamless.

Imagine sitting in your home and then voice controlling your office security cameras, alarm systems, and desktop computers right from your smartphone without even lifting a finger.

That’s how easy things can be with voice technology. You just say the word.

For instance, let’s say you’ve integrated your brand’s voice apps with a voice tech assistant like Amazon Alexa, controlling your office activities could be as easy as simply saying, “Hey Alexa, turn on the desktop computer in office 304 and find file #14565.”

5. To set reminders

It is no news that business owners are always getting pulled from one activity to the other. If they’re not running meetings outside the walls of their firm, they’re there in their office giving commands to staff. Oftentimes, things could get clumsy that you would forget to do some things.

Luckily, this is where voice technology comes in. Whether you integrate into your desktop computers, tablets, smart office speakers, or smartphone, a voice app technology setup like Samsung Bixby can help capture your entire schedule and then bring items on the list to your notice as at when due.

6. Track business data

With the right voice app technology integration, you could sit in your office and track shipments/packages/deliveries that are thousands of leagues away simply by saying the word.

Something like: “Hey Alexa, how far away is our cast iron shipment from Ohio.” Without even lifting a finger, you would be supplied with all the shipment information you need.

7. Place orders for your supplies

With the right voice technology integration, business owners could easily place orders for supplies they wish to get without even lifting a finger.

In fact, voice assistant software like Google home offers some unique features that allow you to make helpful comparisons before you make your orders.

Story by Uday Tank

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