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7 fun ways to surprise someone on their birthday

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Doing something special for a friend or loved one on their birthday is a way to show that you care about them. Even more special than the perfect gift is a perfect surprise.

But pulling off a surprise birthday is no easy feat. While birthday surprises are always fun, the planning sometimes is not. Between figuring out how to get a list of friends and contact information without tipping off the birthday boy or girl, to coordinating the time and place, to making sure no one slips up and spoils the surprise, there are a lot of balls to juggle.

The real prize is the look on your loved one’s face when they walk into the room or open an unexpected gift. A true surprise knocks people off their feet and can be a beautiful and sentimental way to show someone that their friends and family love them. Often, just the effort alone can mean more than any gift and that makes a surprise an especially fun thing to do for someone on their special day.

Here are seven fun ways to surprise a loved one on their birthday:

  1. Happy birthday video: A personalized birthday video is a unique digital gift that can show your loved ones how much they are loved and appreciated.
    Video content can be funny, serious, sentimental, witty… Whatever feels right.
    Are you looking for inspiration? Would you like to get some ideas for a nice clip? Here are a few happy-birthday video examples.
  2. Scavenger hunt: Set up a scavenger hunt around your house or around a park or open space. When your loved one arrives, bring them to the first clue that will take them on a hunt through the house or park. Each clue will be about the birthday boy or girl – their favorite restaurant, their favorite adventure with their friends, their favorite trip, etc.Every clue brings them closer to the final landing spot where friends, family, decorations, and cake will be assembled to surprise them. This is a great way to celebrate your loved one and show how well they are known and loved while building suspense for the big reveal.
  3. Car caravan: Planning a car caravan is a great way to celebrate someone socially distanced. Arrange for friends and family to make a bunch of posters and signs decorated with happy birthday wishes to your loved one. Ask them to bring balloons, streamers, and other decorations and to drive to a specific spot – maybe outside your house or the house of your loved one.Walk the birthday girl or boy outside to reveal the caravan of honking cars with signs, posters, and balloons wishing them a happy birthday. This is a powerful way to show them all the people who care about them.
  4. Decoration bomb: This qualifies as a little more of a prank, but using streamers, posters, signs, balloons, lights, and anything else that applies, cover your loved one’s house, car, or office in decorations. When they arrive, they’ll be met with so many decorations they won’t be able to walk down a hall, see through their windshield, or sit at their desk.Using decorations that are specific to them is always a nice touch, too. All of this will likely be a pain to clean up, but that is part of the fun and it’s a very public way to show you care and call attention to their birthday.
  5. Surprise trip: A getaway is always a great surprise. Book a trip somewhere nearby (or far away if you want!) and show up at your loved one’s house with a bag packed and ready to go. Tell them to pack a bag for a getaway without telling them where you’re going. Make sure you’ve cleared their schedule and then head off on the open road for a day or two.This is a great gift for a partner or significant other. A romantic vacation that your loved one isn’t expecting is always a thoughtful and memorable way to show them you care and spice up their birthday.
  6. Celebrity message: The app Cameo offers thousands of celebrities who will record a personalized message for you. Find your loved one’s favorite celebrity and have them record a message tailored to the birthday boy or girl.A famous face saying your loved one’s name and specific details about them on their birthday is a unique and fun surprise for anyone on their special day. Some celebrities can be expensive so make sure you check before booking.
  7. Sky writing: this one is likely expensive, but there is no bigger statement than having your birthday well wishes written or flown across the sky. Arrange for a specific time and location and take your loved one outside to look up to reveal the special message. It’s likely to be the first time anyone has ever done something like this for them and it will make a big impression.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and to show your loved ones that their friends and family are thinking about them. A birthday surprise always makes things a little more fun and it often makes a memory that they’ll never forget.

Organizing and planning a surprise shows how much your loved one means to you. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can still find a fun and creative way to make their day a little more special – and everyone deserves that on their birthday.

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