6 ways to boost immunity and protect against COVID  

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COVID-19 is not going anywhere. We will probably have to live with it for some years to come. However, this doesn’t mean we cannot get on with our lives.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to get vaccinated. You should also continue to wear masks when in crowded indoor spaces and wash your hands often.

Boosting your immune system is another excellent way of preventing infection. Although the COVID-19 vaccine, like all vaccines, is designed to build up antibodies against the virus, you can give your body even more reinforcement by strengthening your immune system.

Here are a few simple ways to boost your immunity and protect yourself against COVID-19:

1. Manage stress

Stress can cause inflammation in your body that can degrade your immune system. In addition, the pandemic has thrown people’s lives into confusion and disorder. And even though the worst is over for parts of the country, recovering from joblessness and losing loved ones continues to be hard for many people.

You should do what you can to get anxiety and stress under control. Meditation, yoga, and exercising are good ways to do this.

2. Sleep

Before the pandemic, many people took particular pride in being sleep-deprived. It was a sign that they were hard workers. But, unfortunately, this is not the kind of attitude to take in the post-pandemic world.

Lack of sleep leads to the production of fewer cytokines in your body, which makes it easier for infections to set in. So even if you are on a busy schedule and have a family to look after, you should try to take short naps when you can.

3. Take vitamins

You should increase your intake of vitamins C, B, and D, as well as Zinc. You can get this boost by taking vitamin supplements. Foods such as citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, and spinach are also rich in these vitamins.

4. Establish a nutritious diet

You should ensure that your meals are balanced and that they include seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. People who have a nutritional diet increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their immune system.

5. Exercise

You need not go on mile-long runs or spend hours at the gym to keep fit. Taking a strenuous daily walk in your neighborhood or the park will provide you with the kind of exercise you need to stay healthy and boost your immune system.

6. Drink in moderation

If you have been looking for an excellent reason to cut down on your alcohol intake, the threat of COVID-19 is it. Total abstinence is unnecessary. A little red wine with dinner can help things move along in your digestive system. But massive amounts of alcohol can damage the organs designed to filter the blood coming from your digestive tract. You cannot get the most out of the nutritious foods you eat if they are not adequately detoxed and metabolized.

In summary

We are quickly approaching the second anniversary of the advent of COVID-19, and the country has barely started to recover from the effects of this dreaded disease. The virus will be with us for some years to come. However, there are ways to reduce your chance of contracting this dangerous bug. Getting into healthier modes of living will help build up your body’s natural defenses against it.

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