6 common courier problems faced by businesses

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If you have chosen the wrong courier company to work with then it can not only create problems for your business but it can also affect the reputation of your business. If there arises any issue and the courier company does nothing to rectify or resolve the issue then that company is not worth working. People who work with courier companies know that there can be many problems that they face. Below are six common problems faced by businesses working with courier companies and tips on how to avoid such problems:

1. Late deliveries

Late deliveries are a huge problem for both the sender and the receiver. The receiver, which is usually the customer, does not want to wait for much longer to receive their delivery and the sender doesn’t want to get a bad name or bad reputation for his business just because the courier company didn’t deliver the order on time. Customers or receivers will make plans and will wait to receive the delivery and if they don’t receive the order then they will be frustrated.

How to avoid this problem?

This is a serious problem but it can be avoided by conducting extensive research about the courier that you are going to choose for your business. Take a look at the courier company’s testimonials, reviews, user reviews before you make a decision. If the general public is saying good things and the user reviews are pretty good, with plenty of five-star reviews for on-time deliveries then you can trust this courier company to handle your business and get the goods delivered on time.

2. Delivering goods in a damaged/broken condition

You would always send the goods to your customers in perfect conditions and you would expect the courier company that you are partnered up with to deliver the goods in the conditions that you send them but if you receive messages from your customers saying that the items that you send are damaged or broken then you will not only have to send replacement stock from your inventory which is bad for the business but there are also chances that the customers give you negative reviews just because the courier company wasn’t able to ensure the safe delivery of the goods.

How to avoid this problem

This problem of goods arriving at their destination broken or damaged is unacceptable and the best thing to avoid such a problem is always work with a reputable courier company, be it a local one or an international one such as Emirates Post, China Post, FedEX, DHL, etc, and set these terms and conditions prior to making an agreement with the company. Each and every item should be packed separately and safely & also handled with care so the goods reach their destination in original condition.

3. Over expensive

You wouldn’t want to be paying over the budget to a courier company because that is not the right thing to do when managing a business. Finding the right balance between the services that you receive and the price you pay for those services is the thing to do. Choosing an overly expensive option isn’t a wise thing to do and if you choose an option that is too cheap then there is a possibility that the services that you receive are below the par. Choosing an option in between is the right thing for your business.

How to avoid this problem

As mentioned, you need to find the right balance between expensive options and cheaper options. One of the ways by which you can avoid paying too much to a courier company, especially for services that you will never use is to look for a company that offers bespoke solutions. Such companies will provide services that will only meet your demands and you will be paying for those services only.

4. Problems with customs clearance

If you are someone who is operating both locally and internationally then you would be aware of problems at customs which can cause huge delays. Late and delayed deliveries can result in unhappy customers, who can also give you negative reviews. For international deliveries and customs clearance, your shipment needs to have all the right documentation so that it passes through customs without any trouble.

How to avoid this problem

This is a serious problem but it can be easily solved by partnering up with a courier company that has sound knowledge and good experience with customs. Such a courier company will notice any potential issue that will arise with your shipment missing the right documents and that courier company will work with you to get a solution and clear all the issues before the delivery is sent.

5. Poor customer service

If the courier company that you have chosen for your business has poor customer service then it is not worth patterning up with such a company. You wouldn’t want your customers to be dealt with in a bad way and rude, unfriendly, and unhelpful customer services are three things that you wouldn’t want your customers to experience. If something ever goes wrong then people tend to be more forgiving if they are treated nicely and with respect. The customer support services provided to your customer if something goes wrong should be empathic and understanding to the situation.

How to avoid this problem

When you would contact a courier company then you will be able to judge whether their customer service is good or bad. Polite customer service is always required in the courier business and you wouldn’t want to be working with someone who is unhelpful and rude.

6. Frequent service issues

Some courier companies have frequent service issues such as wrong quotation, pickup not happening on expected time, or delivery being sent out to the wrong address while others companies don’t have this problem. If a courier company is having frequent issues then it can lead to problems for your business and it will affect your reputation.

How to avoid this problem

To avoid this problem, choose a courier company that uses the latest technology to experience the fewest issues. Using the latest technology will not help the courier company manage their day-to-day operations efficiently but it will also allow them to handle all your deliveries easily and your business won’t be affected.

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